Thursday, February 02, 2006

I just tron'd myself...

Old Nut Flopper added this in the comments area - I thought it was worthy of a post.

"I F*CKIN' LOVE TRON! The movie and Tron and Discs of Tron video games!! (There is a PC game, came out months/years ago, Tron 2.0. Gotta get my paws on it and try it on my kickass gaming machine.)

Oh, this could be a long post...

I dig on the SciFi genre - yeah, no kidding, you'd never know from my geek talk and such. Maybe it was because I was younger (around 8) when it came out and I was just entranced by the fantasy. Heck, it's still cool for me today to imagine what it would be like to be inside a computer and be a living part of it! (I'm a SATA controller. What is your data request?)

I chucked many quarters in the Tron game. If you don't remember or know, Tron had the joystick and rotating knob. (Damn, there's just ALL KINDS of room for comments there!) There were 4 "rooms" per level: blow up the tanks in the maze, break through the CPU cone, lightcycle race, and kill the bugs to get to the center transport.

Having the 2 controls was pretty cool, especially in the cone and bug rooms. The tank part was the hardest for me. Then I found Discs of Tron (DoT). Again, if you don't remember or know, DoT had the joystick and knob - however, you could lift the knob up or press it down (more on that below). Frickin' sweet! It was you vs. Sark. It started you on 1 floating disk platform. You thew disks at each other, trying to knock your opponent off their platform. As the levels progressed, it went from 1 platform to 3, all at the same elevation. You would automatically jump from one platform to the next if you ran off the edge. Higher levels brought 3 platforms at *different* elevations (but, you'd just automatically jump from platform to platform). This is where the "multi-level" knob came in - you'd have to match your throw to the elevation of the platform if you wanted any success hitting your opponent. Like Kern said, badass!

On one of my hard drives at home I have a version of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and many games, including Discs of Tron. (I don't think I have Tron - YET! :) )

Damn, now I have to find that at home and play!"

Spoken like a true geek my friend,



FlopTheNuts said...

Dude, you left out the pic of the bugs level of Tron!!!

And you didn't even post the pics in the same order as I wrote about them! Oh, you're killin' me! (I'm have all confience, though, that the intelligent readers of Damfino can figure out what pic goes with the listed order.)

In your defense, though, I thought you'd just edit the original post. So, I could've done a new post myself (pictures and all), and saved you the time and effort. So, thanks for posting the stuff!

Damfino said...

Dear god - I am gonna kick some Tron loving ass.

I will fix after lunch... tell the proper order... and where the hell is the bugs image?

Sorry dude - semi-busy boy today.

Damfino said...

And whiny too.

FlopTheNuts said...

Dude, where's the pic of the bugs level of Tron?!?!?!

And you didn't post the pics in the order they were talked about! You're killin' me! (I have utmost confidence that the readers of Damfino can figure out what pic goes with what written description, though.)

In your defense, I thought you'd just edit the original post. So, I could've created a new post, pics and all, and saved you the time and effort. So, thanks for posting everything! :)

FlopTheNuts said...


I'm not even going to bother deleting or anything like that...

Thanks for correcting, though, 'Fino.

The stupid daily, 12:15PM scheduled antivirus scan just started, so my work desktop has just been reduced to a 386 equivalent... That means only one thing: LUNCH TIME!

Kern said...

Awesome sentiments Flop. Loved DoT when i was a kid, but I tend to remember one that was an actual stand in booth that was darkened inside. Awesome.