Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For Consideration By The Academy

One more thing. I humbly ask the Damfino readers to check out my blog entry for today, as maybe they can help me win a Bloggie. Well, doubtful, but it's nice to have people rooting for you anyhow.

Look at how fruitless my pleading is here.



Damfino said...

Wow - I just looked through all of the categories... there are a ton!

I wasn't gonna put you down for anything (I mean, ripping on Bill Reilly... C'MON!!!), but you added an image of yourself with the caption of "SHAMELESS WHORE" on it.

That made me very pleased.

You have my vote senator.

Kern said...

Yes!!! Thank you. I will make the great state of Damfinoblog very proud.

By the way, what's wrong with ripping on O'Reilly? Too easy a target...?

Kern said...

By the way, how great would that pic be on a t-shirt?

Damfino said...

Need to stop saying "By the way."

Kidding on the o'Reilly bit... he is an @ss.

I still don't have a good t-shirt... need to make some soon.

Kern said...

Er, didn't notice that at first. I have a tendency to go into Loop mode when I'm exhausted. I was up till 2 again last night. Ugh.

T-shirts can be fun.

I was wondering if you thought there might be any other funny movie themes I could exploit for party promotion.

Buttercup said...


I want the Hanging with my Gnomies t-shirt.

I giggled