Sunday, January 29, 2006

CLEMOND - more after this!

Last weekend o January has slipped on by and several profound things have occured... um... wait....

jack crap happened.

Actually, FAMILY GUY was a friggin highlight! stewie kicking the hell outta Brian... killer stuff!

Veronica returned last week - and we have yet to watch it. Hopefully Duncan Kane was hit by a large meteor and V went back to the Charisma Carpenter nailing Logan. Now that I think of it - I hope she joined them.

... that was wrong.

SMALLVILLE reached its 100th episode this week - killing off a major character. Actually, for a show that I do not enjoy - nor watch that often, I was very happy with it. The ep was directed by the man who directed the pilot of the series.

Good stuff!

So.... hmm... well...

Shaved my brother's head this weekend.... that was cool.

Drea headed off to Utah... I miss her. Hopefully we will hear from her.

Anyway... that is all I have... so....


Ugh. Yo


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

(Insert Stewie voice here)

Oh I think something happened...c' know.....something happened.a little

Oh well, I tried. You are boring.


Damfino said...

Where's my money?

Where's my money?

You think I like this? You think I like hurting you?

Gimme my money.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

"Diane, didn't one of your boyfriends blow his own head off?"

""I really enjoy your hair too Tom."


Damfino said...

Oh Meg - you wouldn't even know what to do with it.

Damfino said...

How quiet is the house Sheriff?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Very quiet. just the cats, me, and our stinky farts

see email.


Kern said...

Wow. If you're extremely bored, check out my attempts to completely transform myself into a viable commodity on my blog.

It's not exploitation if it's yourself!

Kern said...

Yeah, quick update, I reread that article and about choked on my own puke at how terrible it is.


Anonymous said...

So, Jed- Any dates lately???

Damfino said...

You mean like those things that killed the monkey in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK?

"Bad dates."

Kern said...

Buck up little camper!

You could do what I did, and essentially give up on trying to actively look for a woman. I find my self-loathing quotient has dropped by 125%!

Damfino said...

Sorry Kern - my seed must live on.

It has been commanded.

Kern said...

Is that why you've been wanking into empty mayonnaise jars and freezing them?

PS-Is the weekend of June 23rd the DM Arts festival? If so I think I may aim to come back the weekend of June 16th instead if that works for you.

Buttercup said...

Hey ya'll I am here in Utah doing some training and thought that I would send you a quick note. It snowed and is beautiful here. Poor quiet Kreitner house

Damfino said...

Not that it matters - but I am a busy boy at the Arts Fest - Extension has a bridge to fill and man.

So you wanna see some Des Moines culture eh?

Damfino said...

Nice Shield ref drop!

Kern said...

Hey BC! Hope things are good down there in Utah. No snow in Seattle, but lots of rain.

Fino, I figured I would pick the weekend in June where you wouldn't be overloaded with stuff to do so I'd be able to hang with you and the posse(s).

Damfino said...


I hope things are going well. Run outside and make a quick snow angel.

Stay warm and have fun.

We miss you.

FlopTheNuts said...

*Late comment on*
It was more like "Diane, didn't your ex-husband blow his own head off?"

*Stewie voice on*
"You have enough money to buy fake mustaches, huh?"
*Stewie voice off*

Yeah, I just watched FG last night. Gawd, I love the DVR!
*Late comment off*