Wednesday, December 14, 2005

News For Veronica Mars People

Britt Daniel of Spoon

I've still not seen one episode of Veronica Mars, despite the urgent pleas of Damfino to do so. I will, soon, I promise.

But I found this interesting tidbit today about a special guest star who is set to appear. Britt Daniel from rising Austin indie band Spoon!

If you don't know Spoon, you should get up and march yourself to the record store, young man(or lady) and pick up the album Girls Can Tell. You will likely not be disappointed, and may want to continue from there.

This marks an interesting path for the band, as one of their songs from their 2005 release Gimme Fiction just showed up in a bloody Jaguar commercial the other day. I guess indie folks finally figured out that it's fun to afford groceries!

If you would like to read the news item, do so here.

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