Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm all in baby!

Ah, the wonderful days of purchasing a long awaited DVD. I was giddy with joy as I picked up ol Gilmore Season 5 last night - excited to see it sit next to my other sets.. and super jazzed about listening to the commentary by Amy and Daniel Palladino!

I have not heard the track yet, but I did get a chance to watch the special features. There is a great 15 min 100 episode retrospective with cast comments and a waaaay too short 100th episode shooting day video which is hosted by our beloved Sookie! Yummy stuff - enjoy.

I also snagged this little nugget. I loved "The Frighteners" when it came out - the crafty filmmaking of a pre-LOTR Peter Jackson really pulled my crank. I also loved seeing Michael J. Fox in a starring role - he is an actor that I wished could have had more of a career... c'est la vie.

Anyway, the disc has an amazing 3 hour documentary on the back side that Jackson produced on his own. You can tell how he is beginning to formulate how he would like to do his DVD doc's even then... it is definitely superior to most overly produced garbage you find on discs these days!

Devin snagged "The 40-Year Old Virgin" last night. Unrated of course, and packed with tons more nudity and completely vulgar dialogue. It is pretty much a funnier version of a day at the Damfinoblog...

Finally - I will be heading out on a cruise next week (ahthankyou!) - I will be leaving the blog in the capable hands of Devin. Look to him for odd posts filled with quality images and filth talk. Here are a few snaps of the cruise details. Enjoy.

My route!

My boat!

My room!

My stop!

My goal!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

It's good to have a goal!



bunny out

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Oh, those are real.


Damfino said...

Those excursion packages with Carnival... well worth the dough.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Go get em Captain Ron!


Damfino said...

Arrrgh. A pirate I am and a pirate I be. 2+2-1 = 3. That's the saddest goddamn hook arm I have ever seeeen!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Newfondland Screech...check

Pirate overnight kit...check


Damfino said...


Kern said...

When do you leave Captain Blueballs?

I mean, BlueBEARD, BlueBEARD...

I shouldn't joke about that. I am first mate on the USS Abstinence. I've been having to shiver me own timber for far too long now...

FlopTheNuts said...

ROFLMAO, Kern!!! Oh, man, my side hurts! Whew!

'Fino, while I do appreciate the pic, how can you expect a guy to work after viewing that?!?!?!!! (Must... not... format... server... drive. Hmmmmmmm, hottie... naked... blank... format- SH*T!!) If you snag a babe *close* to the one pictured, next time I see you, I'll kowtow before you and eat rllwhrst off your shoelace!!

Damfino said...

Ya know how I know yer gay Flop?

You kowtow.

Ya know how I know yer gay Kern?

You wax your anus.

Ya know how I know yer gay Sheriff?

You waxed my anus.

Ya know how I know yer gay Devin?

Yer d*ck tastes like sh*t.

Ya know how I know yer gay Deit?

... ya told me.

Kern said...

Hey Flop!

I agree. It's a good thing I am mostly sitting at my desk today. I sure hope no one sees that partially disrobed person, lest I get a call from IT or HR or in the worst case scenario, LC(the big boss).

Jed-I hope you don't leave until after Monday. You're going to miss the giant special birthday/Christmas post I'm working on. And hopefully all of the year end articles at TMT will still be up when you return.

Damfino said...

I will try to do the KISS photo book of female friends on the cruise. Perhaps I can get them to spell out D A M F I N O for poses!

Gene would be proud.

Damfino said...

Take yer IT and shove it up yer HR and blow out a LC. For goodness sake lad... man up.

I will be leaving Sunday... return the following Sunday (Christmas). I am sure the posts will be seen.

Kern said...

Blow out an LC? For God's sake man, that's my dad yr talking about. Hearing blow and his name in the same sentence is really disturbing.

Anyway, have a good time. This reminds me slightly of an episode of the Golden Girls where they went on a cruise and they all bought condoms at the grocery store, and wouldn't you know it, the cashier had to get a price check. How mortifying!

And then they didn't even use them. Except for Rose who admitted that she and her beau ran through the entire box...because they were filling them with water and tossing them at people on the lido deck!!! HA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


god i need a fucking vacation...

krysta jo said...

You watch Golden Girls???????????

Kern said... No I don't.

I did when I was a kid, because it was on Saturday nights. TV on Saturday nights was pretty limited. And I would always watch Empty Nest after that. It had that woman Park Overall. What a fantastic name...

Plus Sisters came on after that, and I enjoyed that...

But I don't watch it anymore.