Thursday, November 17, 2005

SlickDeal: AD seasons 1 & 2 $32 shipped!

I'd forgotten to check the last couple of days, and found this gem when looking today: Arrested Development Seasons One & Two $32 shipped!

It was posted Tuesday and looks like the deal is still good, so if you're interested, grab the deal before it expires or they run out of stock or something like that!!



Kern said...

I am so tempted to do that. But I put it on my Christmas list already, and a lot of people I know have probably already started shopping so it might screw them up. Aaargh!

Damfino said...

Does that mean Flop ordered it?

Damnit Flop... wheres the damn picture? I am tired of not being able to judge you on the iconic image that you choose to represent your words!!!

COME ON!!!!!!

Damfino said...

Damn that show was good... TV is just so hard to take... continuous waiting... never sure what will return.

Scrubs is sitting on the shelf... NBC has 7 episodes in its hands and has done nothing with them.

Zach Braff posted on his blog today that maybe they might air some in January... but he said they are planning on shooting 22 even if none get aired!

Kern said...

The American viewing public is a fickle beast indeed. And generally there is no accounting for their taste. Wankers.