Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dangerous times lie ahead...

Buttercup and I have combined our crazy creative minds and have come up with this celebration for the Harry Potter weekend. It is kind of a nice combination of Thanksgiving and Potter fun.

Those who cannot attend can look on in jealousy - for those who can... come for the day - take part in the cooking... the watching... all of the fun.

And then we will check out the Goblet of Fire!!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Hagrid the Giant is all in! I will bring Miss Granger with me and our two Dimentors...Lilly and Tulip!


ps: notice Hagrid was not included in the creative group. I am too lazy to be creative...just get me drunk and turn me loose! INAPPROPRIATE!

Damfino said...

Sheriff will be the only Hogwarts student screaming


Damfino said...

Lilly and Tulip as dementors... priceless.

Kern said...

I need to reread the books again.

I only remember fragments of them and they're all seeming to run together.

Buttercup said...

They are just as good the 2nd and 3rd time as they were the 1st. I am so excited to see this movie. Yippee.