Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The pain of Lane

I am sad to say that last nights Gilmore Girls was probably the first ever episode that I just did not really enjoy. Drama has taken over... and since we have all waited to see the girls together again I think the major drama of this season really has taken its toll on my love of Ror and Lor.

It frustrates me that Rory can just waltz back into everyone's life and not even have to pony up for her bitchy selfish ways. Emily and Richard are going to be burned at the stake... and little Rory is gonna get patted on her spoiled head again. The Christopher money thing made me roll my eyes... and Lukes new daughter dillema is the shows first major mistake. Cliche - cheap - convienient... this was never Gilmore.

So now, we have a show that sprinkles on humor... covering a thick layer of standard TV drama. That sucks.

Thanksgiving has arrived... and I am already spent. We did our big dinner last weekend - now I am gonna simply float through. Perhaps sneak in some DVD viewing (though I have already finished off Scrubs season 2... mayhap some major Buffy viewing will be done!!!!).




Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.

Happy Turkey Day ALL.

Safe traveling.

the sheriff

Damfino said...

Give Flop's nuts a personal "how's your father" for me Kreitner! You make sure you come back safely.

And Drea... no cartwheels.

krysta jo said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Buttercup said...

AAAWWWW NO CARTWHEELS???? DAAAAANNNGG Gobble Gobble to all of you.

Kern said...

Happy T-Giving, everyone. I was coerced into getting the day off so that I could do pro bono housework at my dad's place before the truckloads of people show up.

As for the GG ep last night, it wasn't one of my favorites, to be sure. I don't think I'm quite as pissed off about Rory's re-entry as Jed, though. I agree that the Luke kid thing seems pretty dumb. Dumber than that is who I heard will be playing the kid's mom. Sherilyn Fenn, who we've already seen on GG as the woman living with Jess' dad in Venice Beach.

That I find lame. I can see how these kinds of things happen on Law and Order where someone's a criminal eight years ago, and then they show up as a DA or a cop, but this only happened a few seasons ago. They should give us more credit than that.

What I found stupid about the ep last night was the band thing. Recockulous.

Have a good one all!