Monday, November 28, 2005

And it burns burns burns...

Bio-pics are always a little tough. Taking someones life and summarizing it in two hours... having an actor portray a real character - attempting to match looks and mannerisms. Making a film that works as a piece of its own... and also a doorway into the famous individual's life. They are tricky flicks.

"Walk the Line" is one of the better ones.

Not only has Mangold handled the visuals of the film (the camera moves exactly right - the sound is perfect... you get chills as the camera moves into Folsom prison and you hear the thumping of the inmates and the band kicking around waiting for Cash!) in the proper way... but he has completely nailed telling the story of the birth of rock and roll with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison... and Cash's tale! The film flies during the early years of J.R.'s burgeoning career and I really can't wait to experience all of that again. Of course there is the unfortunate downfall... the rough years - but the film does not stall.

"Walk the Line" is kind of the brilliant older brother of last years "Ray" a film that I openly disliked. The stories run waaaay similar ground (both open with life changing brother deaths and culminate with main character fighting through drug abuse) but "WTL" does everything right - and made me feel better about hating "Ray." Watch both back to back and see why one leaves you empty and tells you nothing of its character... it simply goes through the motions... and the other... has several beautiful moments... and gives you that glimpse into Cash's soul... or rather, the character that Phoenix creates!!

The real gold of the movie is Phoenix and Witherspoon. They have a scene together in a diner... talking after a show... I was blown away by it. The quiet of each person... speaking gently... realizing that they have so much they can say to one another... Holy crap it was good!!!!

Worthy of your $8 - I swear it!

Finally, the guys went out after the film to a new bar called Tonic. Hotties were definitely running amok and we enjoyed a round whilst scanning the West Des Moines crowd. Then suddenly, something magical and semi-world shaking happened to me... I was recognized from this Damfinoblog world!!!

Queen B was out partying it up and stopped by to introduce herself. It was odd because I had just asked Jerry "Who the hell is that girl? She looks familiar!!!"

Damfino groupies of the world unite - I will be appearing at Dan and Holly Stevens home tonight only!!!


(note - Queen B is not really a groupie - I will require a beat down for my vanity!!!)


QueenB said...

Yippie I made the blog. PS vodka is bad for you.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Today West DM...tomorrow the WORLD!!!!

too much turkey and potatoes isn't so hot either...BLOATED!


Damfino said...

That's why I stick to spin inducing bottles of Gin.

Sheriff - you ever not gassy?

Kern said...

Wow, that's awesome...I think the only people that would recognize me from my blog are in Iowa, so the amount of groupies I might run into up here is practically nil.

Haven't been to my blog today yet, but there are some fun pics. If you've already commented pardon the redundancy.

I think my first review might come out on TMT tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Kern said...

Just as an aside, when I first read the headline I thought it was going to be about Jed's case of the clap flaring up again.

Glad it's just about good old JC.

Jed: I kid, I kid.

Damfino said...

Kern... how can we read your article... and... may you burn in the more painful depths of hell.


krysta jo said...

OH holy crap. I loved Walk the Line yet I don't have as many words to describe it as Jed does. But...all I have to say it is was incredibly painful to watch yet refreshing and kept me awake after my 8 pounds of sleep-inducing turkey on Thanksgiving.

Hope you all had a great day too!

Damfino said...

Any good turkey horking stories?

Buttercup said...

On the way to MIchigan there was a company by the name of smurfit. Sheriff and I giggle the rest of the way and also decided to use smurf in the sentence whenever we could.

Smurf you! I smurffed her rotten.

Damfino said...

I just smurfed.

That is smurfing hilarious!!!

What the smurf was Smurfit about?

Buttercup said...

No idea but the name was hilarious. Smurfit & ______ I wasn't paying attenting to the rest of the name because all I saw was Smurfit.

Damfino said...

You smurfed up.

Kern said...

Jed: I put my coat on one of the fiery benches, so your seat in the seething cauldron of eternally bitter torment is saved.

No Turkey hork, but I did have some very big slices of pizza at this place in Issaquah called the Flying Pie that my younger sis took us to. In keeping with the Johnny Cash theme, after sprinkling copious amounts of red pepper on my pizza I eventually Walked The Line into the bathroom where a burning Ring of Fire burned, burned, burned. Luckily, I took some antacids so I wasn't Forty Shades of Green.

Those wanting to read my article: I will post a link to it when it comes up so you can all go directly to it. It may be one you've read before, but it's going to have a fancypants format and all. It really depends on which review my editor runs first.