Wednesday, October 26, 2005


"Ugh - It actually tastes like a My Little Pony!"

"You can pull sausage links out of my chest."



Buttercup said...

"It looks pink"
"girls are pink and rory is a girl"
"It tastes pink"

I laughed out loud at the my little pony comment and when Rory tells the minister that the virtue ship has sailed.

a rory: Champagne, vodka, grenadine and some type of juice

Damfino said...

Last year I was sleeping with the editor... this year....

I am.

(You have got to come in quicker with that!)

Damfino said...

Major Logan flaw! - he tried to take Rory's 21st birthday plans with her mother and trade out her for him... evil b@stard!!

krysta jo said...

"I gave you my virtue and now I have to give the next guy a sweater."

OH MY this episode was priceless and well worth skipping class to see!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

The Sheriff had big band practice last evening and did not get to watch this gem of an episode.(Highlights were provided by Buttercup) However, I got home just in time to watch the last 3 1/2 hours of the Sox game!!!!


Damfino said...

You are now written out of the Findlay book of life. For shame Sheriff... for shame.

Kern said...

Jeez, all the good lines have been gone over already.

Although, the part where she discussed the sausage with Sookie was good.

"Kielbassa is a nice big guy sausage..."

and also when Rory called Luke,

"She was yelling! And she said hell! I didn't even know she knew how to say hell!"

Damfino said...

I just dreamt Madeline Albright was my mom.