Monday, September 19, 2005

No touching!!

Tonight is the return of "Arrested Development," a series that has come to represent the finest comedy on television! As most of us know, last season was cut short with only 18 episodes - leaving AD on the ropes. But shockingly enough, it returns with a 3rd season.

I got to see some of the ad campaign last night during Family Guy - Jason Bateman brings out Carmen Electra and explains that he will give her one of the 5 Emmys they have - if 15 million viewers watch on Monday. That is a huge number these days. Hell, Gilmore Girls pulled down 4 million viewers last week and got 3rd place for the night and the WB is thrilled! I am not sure if Fox is serious about the number of viewers... but sadly, I know that it will not be met.

For anyone out there who does not watch the show... C'MON!!! Give us a break - do yourself a favor and watch it tonight. 7 pm on Fox!! I have been preparing by listening to Europe's "Final Countdown" all week long!

The weekend was a strange fun time. Flag Football was another round of pounding - yours truly had himself a stellar day of missing one pass and allowing his man to score a touchdown... but then again, no one else really did well either (though Josh Gillum had a nice defensive block in the back, so did Jason!).

Green Day was... um... well - I finally can see the shortcomings of making music that appeals to everyone. I was surrounded by nothing but 12-15 year olds... who seemed confused by my jumping up and down. It was pathetic - the crowd did nothing! Green Day looked and sounded really worn out as well....

But the bonus is that Josh, Jerry and I got really drunk and tore up the house completely! And I got to see an old friend at the bar - Kristina Ostler... but married now and I forget the name. It was great catching up and seeing her in good spirits (raising a 2 year old girl!!).

This is hell week - carry on my way-ward son.

Tobias F√ľnke - "Yes, but I'm afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, and now I think I have something of a mess on my hands."
Michael Bluth - "Wow, there's just so many poorly chosen words in that sentence."



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Tobias - "I just blue myself"

You would have to pull the Krietner's away from tonights AD episode with several hot chicks from "Resuce Me" ( all of the in the knowers will catch the cross hot chick mojo from RM and AD: if you have to ask you are not in the fan club - shame on you Jed for having to think about it...

Let the games begin!

"Up here Michael...UP here!"

sheriff excited....blah

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Congrats AD for your Emmy win for Comedy Writing. Without the Words Michael all we would do is stare at each other, and bang girls at Spring Break!

G.O.B. out

Kern said...

I cannot wait. Looking quite forward to it.

Jed: I can't believe you ran into K. I wish someone had run into her before the Kern Returned. Oh well, maybe we can get her next year.

krysta jo said...

Good morning.

Damfino said...

It was cool seeing semi-hot Marta die of a coke overdose

Kern - twas crazy seeing her. Her hubby is in a band that was playing next door. She sat with us for an hour - exchanged numbers and whatnot... told me Janessa is still in MN with a husband and a child... she is now an extreme christian and will not show her kids the Harry Potter movies.


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Speaking of exteme christians, I realy enjoyed both Family Guy and American Dad last evening.

Many laugh out loud moments in both shows.

"Nobody likes a suck up!"

bunny out

Damfino said...

I'm heading to the basement - why - WHY DO YOU THINK?

Joe, you got legs!

Yes - I got them from a prisoner on death row... sadly his was also parapalegic.

"Why do we keep grazing in this spot?"

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

"Peter has food!"

"Peter what are you eating"

"AHHH you are eating MY LEGS!!!"

good stuff

Kern said...

Jed: I had heard about Janessa becoming an extreme Christian, which I also thought was weird, although sometimes people go from one extreme to the other.

"I'll be in the basement"

"What are you going to do down there?"

"Don't ask."

Kern said...

By the way, while there is no review at the Kern blog today, ther is however a thoughtful piece on the moral quagmire of found money and helping out Russian tourists.

Giggity giggity.

Thought I would try to beat one of you smartasses to the punch because I used the word "quagmire".