Monday, August 29, 2005

addiction #235

Getting through a book that can't seem to gain your interest is always a struggle - my book club chose "A Morbid Taste for Bones" as this months read... and I am having a tough time getting through it. Thus - my other interests tend to fire up to keep me from reading.

Jerry has the first season of Six Feet Under burned on dvd and I had always planned on viewing them. With the finale airing last weekend, I decided to start the whole journey with the Fischers all over again. Season one took me two days to get through...

So, when I get focused on something, I tend to block the world out and power through the interest until it is finished. Since Jer did not have the other seasons, I was left with a thirst for more... and that sent me out to video stores. The search was grueling... but I finally found a spot that had the second season (third season will have to be rented from a different location).

It is really a marvelous show - the characters are fascinating - troubled and doomed. The look and feel of the show is perfect, never too flashy (though once in a while they get excessive with dream moments) and it really allows the viewer to see the open wounds of each character!

I love it - if any of you bloggers own a copy of the rest of season 2 or more importantly, season 3... please let me borrow it. Or else I may have to go out and make a dent in my credit card.

The weekend was nice - highlights were flag football practice, monopoly at Dan and Hol's, cooking out with my Mother and her hubby and my little brother... and Holly's stunning popcorn cake. There is some in the fridge for me right now... mmmmmmmm.... popcornn cake.....


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