Thursday, June 09, 2005

Shoes, Cops, Beers and a new friend....

As promised, I scoured the mall last night in search of the perfect dress for Saturday night. It had to be not too dressy, not too casual, but just perfect and cute enough to wear this summer at other functions. My brother's girlfriend Jen joined the search and after trying on numerous outfits, I found the perfect dress. It's white and brown and halter-top. Very cute. However, the Ames mall did not have any brown shoes that were acceptable so I decided to take a chance on Jordan Creek in Des Moines. This is where the fun starts.

Between Ames and West Des Moines I saw four patrol officers - all had someone pulled over thankfully. Then I hit the top of the hill, two blocks from the mall, and was fortunate to personally meet a fine West Des Moines police officer. We had a nice chat and things are fine for the most part.

On to the shoe store. It only took 20 minutes and I had purchased the perfect pair of brown shoes - not too high of a heel and definitely not skanky. A quick stop at Sonic for tater tots and I was on my way back to Ames. However, at this point it was only 8:30 so I thought I would stop at the Chili's and visit my friend who is a waitress there. While sitting at the bar and enjoying a Boulevard Wheat in a frosty mug, I was disturbed by the two men sitting next to me. They were chatting - one was obviously smarter and quicker than the other, but their conversation was interesting anyway. Soon enough the less smart man left and the other turned his attention to me.

This man is a Methodist minister from Northwest Iowa. He's in town at a conference and is generally a really nice man. We had an interesting discussion about his life and where all he's been (nearly everywhere) and the many differences in people and places across the nation. Then he mentioned he had overheard me tell my friend about my evening and he pulled out a bag of balloons. He then proceeded to make me a balloon teddy bear (with a pink balloon no less), because he thinks that everyone needs a balloon animal from time to time. I think he was right.


Damfino said...

Irreverant tales of a balloonatic!

So were you speeding with the cop? Didn't you give some guys crap for listening in on a convo with you and your mother? Can I have your balloon?

Fantastic tale miss Jo - It was completely odd and told in a disjointed and fun manner. Thank you for entertaining me!!

Kern said...

It was a good yarn indeed. I'm glad you were able to find the requisite clothing items to go forth on your date.

Also, the mention of beer has me strangely craving one, despite the fact that it's only 7:30 in the AM here. Although, once Johnny Cash sang about having a beer for breakfast, but that was on Sunday morning. And he had one more for dessert.

RIP Mr. Cash.

krysta jo said...

Ahhhh the joys of work meetings that last for a good 4-5 hours. If only I had drank that beer for breakfast this morning.

In my opinion if you are going to have liquor for breakfast, it should be beer during the week and bloody marys on the weekends, but that's beside the point.

Sorry I have nothing to add to the movie saga, I am not well versed in Batman movies (though I did see one Batman movie with Danish dubbed in over English - odd).

krysta jo said...

Jed - I am a nice person and I don't give people crap. Well...most of the time anyway. Sorry but you may not have my balloon - he's found a lovely home in the trailer ranch.

Also...don't mention to Ms. Becky about the run-in with the cop. I'll never hear the end of it.