Friday, June 10, 2005

Help me help you help me help you

012003 - Explorers - High Risk Traffic Stop Training - View from Suspect Vehicle

There was a bitter twinge that surged through me as the officer walked off just after shaking my brother's hand. I was angry - upset that a descent upstanding guy like my brother... was being bent over and violated by the Clive Police Department. Here is the tale.

Josh and I left my mother's place (tacos and brownies... yummy). We were arguing - Josh called my father to play "Daddie will agree with me!" We come up to an officer pulled over with a traffic stop - Josh moved his car over slightly, but did not change lanes. Suddenly, another cop pulled Josh over. Josh, freaked and ready to kill himself, listened as the officer explained that he should have changed lanes to protect the stopped officer. Josh agreed and apologized... then the office made an $82 fist and rammed it up Josh's special area.

See, I get that these men stand next to moving cars and it is very dangerous... and that they protect and serve us daily... but I know for a fact that the officer could tell on my brother's face that he would never forget again... he was scared to death!! The ticket was written because this was a setup.

As I sat and allowed the Clive PD to repeatedly violate my older brother - I watched a car do the very same thing that Josh did... and then a 3rd cop came out of hiding and nailed him too. Aparently the keg was low at the Clive office and some extra dough was needed to ensure there was enough break room drinks for Srgt. Catherine Woldalski to get ripped and sing "Hollabackgirl" while doing the booty shake on her superior's desk!

Josh took it all very well though... he only ask God to kill him 3 or 4 times.

Happy Birthday to my father! Tonight we celebrate in style.



Kern said...

Jesus, mate. That's one of the harshest stories I've ever heard. I'm sorry to hear that and I hope Josh is ok.

I'm a firm believer in concepts like "the punishment should fit the crime" and from what it sounds like this was an egregious and horrible abuse of power. Though I have not lived around WDM/Clive for a long time, I do remember hearing that they were some shady bastards, but not quite as shady as those fine fellows in the Windsor Heights po-po.

And Happy Birthday to yr pops by the way. Hopefully a celebration of something good will help you forget how cruel and sad men can be to one another.

Damfino said...

Go-karts and minature golf... should re-instill my faith.

I feel the officer's pain - standing next to speeding cars is no fun. But it was painfully obvious that Josh felt horrible and would heed a warning.


Kern said...

Go Karts and Mini-Golf...sounds awesome.

Speaking of fun activities, I think we should attempt to go bowling sometime while I'm back...The Dude abides!