Wednesday, June 01, 2005

San Antonio is the BALLS!!!

Howdy folks - sorry about the lack of posts.

I am writing from the land o the long horn (er... replace that with something funny - this is the 3rd time I have had to write this) during our conference. Here are some images... the Coyote Ugly images will come later.

Here is the marvelous bus we used for the trip... notice how we all smile now.

Fellow producer-genius Jon Anderson.

Porter - showing us some leg.

Kev and Daniel preparing to hate the ride.

I like taking creepy pictures of my friends sleeping.

Don't look down Jon's mouth - it is a swirling vortex of terror.

We arrive! Loren poses for us.

Loren registers... what a poser.

The riverwalk... off for dinner.

Daniel on the walk - I can't explain why he is looking at me like that.

A mexican restaurant... no foolin.

Diet is toast.

Some rubble left in town...

More diet issues.

Settling in for a show...

And then... all hell broke loose. Shots - black and tans - ugly coyotes...

More images later - I gotsta drink.


1 comment:

Kern said...

Thank God! I thought you'd abandoned us...

So far it looks as though it's good times. Are you burning to a crisp yet? Hopefully you picked up that SPF 50000 Sunscreen I told you about.

Sounds like someone may have a few hangovers before he gets back to DM.

Hope yr having a good time. I'd just like to point out that I see no call girl profiles as alluded to in an earlier thread. What a bloody tease...