Thursday, June 02, 2005

... nice Guinness shirt ya poser!

Ya know - some nights nothing really works out for a man. Since I have not been appropriately telling tales of expensive call girls and all night party fests - I thought I would toss out our little experience at Dicks.

See, Dicks is supposed to be this great place... where the staff does everything and anything to insult their customers... and you are supposed to dish it back. Not exactly my cup o tea, but I am desperate for any sort of interaction with humans.

Thus - the title of the piece. This was the oh so kind words of our waitress... seen here with Jon.

She really nailed me when she brought another beer that I never ordered... she yelled at me and nearly made me wet myself.

Anywho, fun times were had. Micki brought along her hubby (Ben) and lil Max. Max and I concured that Mr. Incredible was much cooler in the red outfit than in the blue one.

Pics... more fun tomorrow... the return of the Coyote Ugly... and pics of that experience.


Micki - Dave - Max - Ben..

Loren - posing again... though I am not sure why he wanted his eyes closed.

Max... prepping his plans for world domination!

Micki and said child... they make me giggle.


Kern said...

If you give me yr current location, perhaps I can forward along some Depends, so you can be prepared for further interactions with loud and theatrically belligerent waitresses.

I'm still slightly saddened by the lack of call girl profiles, but I'll try hard to let it go...

Kern said...

P.S-You incorrectly spelled, Guinness, you poser.

Two N's, brother...two N's...

Damfino said...

You sonuvabitch! Of course I misspelled guinness... I was drunk on it at the time of posting.

By the way - watched Krysta dance a jig with some extremely cool 40 year olds... kind of creepy to be honest.


Kern said...

Wow, what a coincidence. I'm dancing a jig right now. And I'm at the office!

Uh-oh. My boss has that look again...this could take a while...

Kern said...

Nice headline fix, by the way.