Friday, May 13, 2005

for all the b*thches!

For all of the whining and upstart statements of the bitter Deit Heimley and the bemused inklings of young Alexander - I gotta say that there have been very few live shows that kicked more ass than Green Day's thrust of penetrable punk that annihilated Cedar Rapids on Wednesday night.

Got some pics...

Hol and Dan - pre-drive

Josh - pre-80's

Very excited to ride in the car!

Holly with squinting issues

Dan - focused and ready to kick it (... really)

My clever way to let you know "whassup!"

Our parking spot!

Hol is still having keeping-eyes-open issues - Josh is confused by elevator

Dan realizing he is standing in piss

Almost there!

Oops - no cameras allowed... returning to car.

Dan cherishes that finger

Post show - we all survived (look how sweaty me is!)

Don'tcha want to hit him when he poses like that!

For all of the bitches... it ruled!

S'all for now - we can run through the set list later.



urnotme said...

Josh Pre-80's--Classic!

Green Day's live performance was by far one of the most amazing things I have witnessed. Well except for Jed transforming from Fat bald guy to Skinny bald guy in less than a year.

Deit Heimley said...

Cow 1: Boy, that sure was a long ride.
Cow 2: Yeah, I'm glad they stopped. I'm hungry.
Cow 1: Oh, hey ... look ... it's a chute. I bet there's food up there.
Cow 2: Yeah. That would be great. Did I mention that I'm hungry.
Cow 1: What's that smell?
Cow 2: I sure hope it's hay. I'm hungry.
Cow 1: No, I don't think it's hay.
Cow 2: Oh here comes a guy. I bet he has the food.
Cow 1: What's that stick?
Cow 2: It sure it shiny.
Cow 1: Wait! No! It's a... (ZAP!)
Cow 2: Oh!Hey! They're playing Green Day! (ZAP!)

Kern said...

Well, I'm glad our man had fun. I don't see the allure myself, but all kidding aside, it's good to see he enjoyed himself.

I do admit to having a modest chuckle at Deit's response, however.

Even though there are far more egregious musical atrocities being committed on a daily basis. (New Found Glory and the like, I'm looking at you...)

Damfino said...

I thik Deit and Kern should hook up! They could sit in a cabin in New Hampshire discussing the stomach churning qualities of Paris Hilton's new eye shadow and how Richard Ford would kick Douglas Adam's ass up and down the flood - while knitting sweaters.

Kern said...

I would like to say, I wouldn't use Richard Ford and Douglas Adams in any sort of hypothetical literary cage match. It's apples and oranges, really. However, I might get excited about the prospects of a cage match involving Russell Banks, John Updike, and Richard Ford.

Also, let it be noted forthwith:

The Kern does not knit.

In my old age, I have come to tone down my opinions about matters such as Green Day and the state of music. I've brought it down from unabashedly vitriolic to charmingly crochety in five short years.

Perhaps one day I can be the Andy Rooney of my generation...?

Ok, probably not. But I think I could do a lot with a job like that...

Deit Heimley said...

Uh, Jed is the guy who tried to compare Sedaris to Ford. About the only thing they share is a penchant for the short story. Yes, Douglas Adams and Richard Ford are no match. First, let me point out that Adams was 6'5", English, and often drunk. While Ford may write of desperate tough loners, I suspect he identifies more with the females in his stories and I am pretty sure he would run scared from an angry Adams.

But I think Updike and Ford would be a good match, though isn't Updike like 80?

Oh, and I am NOT a huge punk fan, but I am a fan of goodness. I like my art not to suck, and to have some sort of originality. About the only place I can find real originality right now is in Acid Jazz and House Music.

Damfino said...

Boy - you two have culture snob trick down pat. Ya need some more cognac for your snifters?

Cripes - acid jazz...

Deit Heimley said...

Have you not been to my parties -- good wine, Jazz, engrosing conversation, and cultural snobbery.

And it's Ketel One, not cognac.

Kern said...

I think I resent that remark, King Jed. Wait, no, perhaps I resemble it...not sure. I'll get back to you.

Kern said...

Oh, I forgot to remark about Ford v Updike. Ford may be younger, but I think Updike is kind of scrappy.

Let's get ready to Ruuuuuumbllllle!