Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The End of an Era

Last night Cara and I recorded our final LOSTies with Jed & Cara. We had been putting it off for quite a while but as the LOSTies emails dried up and the viewer vidmails had stacked up - it seemed time to suck it up and wrap up the final episode of our crazy podcasting ride.

Unfortunately for me, the ride will continue as I have to edit down the nearly 70 minutes of footage we recorded with the 90 minutes of videos we received... this is going to be one behemoth of a final ep!

The LOSTies viewers will enjoy it though. One more chance to see their videos up on iTunes and a final few moments with Cara and I. I have to admit, it was honestly a little sad to go through some of these videos! Guys like Jeremy from TX who has consistently sent in videos throughout Season 6 of LOST, spoke of a lasting and worthwhile friendship that had been sparked. Jeremy's kind words and smile inducing grin, left me feeling more than a little heartbroken that this was all coming to an end.

As always, my prep for recording took forever and recording itself was sooo long... but Miss Cara was a trouper just as she has been through 70 episodes of our podcast. She was patient, hilarious, understanding... and a little sad too. It was just another moment I got to realize how much I love her.

So now... LOST is gone from us... LOSTies will be gone soon. But we have a plan to keep our time filled. My wife just told me that plan is now sprouting hair, has finger nails and will be joining our lives in 8 short weeks.

I wonder what he or she will make of LOSTies.


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