Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boston Who?

As the LOST focused coma that I have been in for the past months fades, I am slowly beginning to acknowledge my surroundings again. That includes actually watching NBA basketball.

I did not follow the Celtics during the regular season but I have been watching all the playoff games. The team has not changed since their '08 championship and it is fun to watch how well a strong defense can take down even the most talented of players (LeBron - you still waiting to play?).

Tonight the Garden was rocking, supporting the team one more time this year. KG had a strong game and I love his play - smart shots and consistent free throws. Rondo stunned several times with some amazing work. He never saw the line so that was good. And Pierce actually did very well with taking command - though he is always the guy I am looking at when the team starts to sag at the end of quarters.

Ray Allen had some fun with Fisher - pushing, pounding and arguing over floor space. He also did a helluva job covering Kobe! Unfortunately, his streak of missed 3 point shots continues.

Boston heads to LA for Game 6 with a 3-2 lead. Let's hope the guys can end this then and we can all celebrate.

Go Celtics!!!


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