Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting LOST

Watching LOST has not always been such an obsession for me. When the first season arrived, I was heading over to Holly and Dan's place and watching every Wednesday this odd show with very strange elements in it. We got excited about the monster in the jungle - loved watching the small twists (who is Ethan?!??) - and enjoyed seeing the dramatic flashbacks. Yet, once Season Two hit and I was not going over to Hol's place anymore... I lost interest.

I watched the first few eps of Season Two, but after that - I quit on LOST.

Flash-forward to the end of Season Three - news stories came up of how the series had completely shocked fans and sent viewers into a whirlwind of activity. I got interested again. So I picked up some DVD's and caught up before Season Four. Thus began my addiction.

While watching the DVD's I also listened to the Official LOST podcast - once I ate up all of those I moved onto The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack - then The Transmission - and the Dharmalars! By the time Season Four hit, I was addicted to 5 podcasts and one majorly amazing website - LOSTpedia.

Season Four came and went and stunned me... then came nine months of waiting. Since then, I have added more podcasts (Donald is LOST, The LOST Mystery Podcast, LOST Chatter, etc.), spent far too much time searching through various online reviews and posts... and one more thing. I re-watched every episode with Cara.

I am not sure when she decided to allow this to happen, but sometime she accidentally let it slip that she would watch LOST from Season One all the way to Season Four with me before Season Five begins. We have spent days watching three to four episodes at a time (we did five once - it did not go well) and she has really taken a liking to the show.

LOST does have some not so good moments and frankly we kind of enjoy ripping on the show and some of the badness... but I have had a blast going through every exciting moment with her. From the initial shock of the Pilot - to watching Charlie overcome his heroin addiction - to Claire's birthing of Aaron - to the open of Season Two - to the deaths of Ana-Lucia and Libby... all the way to "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!"

We have four episodes left to watch before next Wednesday. Then we will finally be completely LOST.


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