Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Extra Wedding Pics

Just a quick note on a few wedding pics that we have received - I never get tired of looking at myself.

This one is up there for Jeremy's face though... classic awful moment.

The rest are all about Kreitner naughtiness!!

Oooh boy!

Hubba hubba!

Naughty Kreitner!!!

We are off to celebrate the 4th with Big K and the McCabes - more later... and maybe more naughty Kreitner photos from that!



Kern said...

Sheriff and Jed, please knock back a few in honor of the Kern this 4th.

You are missed, fellows!

PS-If anyone has a chance, I'd love to see how those Kreitnerpalooza shirts turned out...

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

A damn fine looking man.

ps: Alex pics aplenty to come featuring your creation.