Friday, March 21, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.08 "Meet Kevin Johnson"

Ah, Michael - Michael - Michael... life is so rough for a murderer. You cut your hair... you drop your kid off at your mother's... you try killing yourself over and over... nothing cuts it. Then the bummer of all bummers...


Yes, Thursday's LOST ep was all about murderous Michael and his major issues. But the awesome kick for me was seeing Cynthia Watros back in action. Granted, she showed up for a mere 2 seconds on screen... but, I take what I can get.

Oh my... Libby.

Anyway, Michael is on the boat in the form of Kevin Johnson - and things are a little nutty.

To begin with - Tom is gay. Wow, who knew?

The entire Manhattan sequence was rocking - Michael's attempt to kill himself by driving his car into a wall was fun... and I was a little shocked to see him survive - but that was cleaned up with "the island won't let you die - it ain't done with you" line that Tom delivered.

Walt arrived in the form of angry kid at dad for killing two women. It is really too bad we did not get to see him get a little angry at his pop, instead we got the angry window sill look.

That works too.

The most exciting moment of the episode can from Ben of course - he sent his daughter, her mother, and her boyfriend off to safety towards the Temple. Yet, sadly, Danielle and Karl bit the big one is an awfully cool way. Gunned down by silent snipers!!!

Too bad they did not pick off annoying Alex as well.

Actually, I have been complaining quite a bit here for what was a great episode - I just wanted more Libby!!!

LOST 4.08 "Meet Kevin Johnson" : B+



Kern said...

As far as Tom being gay, I kind of thought that was something that had been highly speculated upon for a while. The reason was pretty small, but in the beginning of season three he threw Kate some clothes for her lunch with Ben, and when she looked freaked out that he might leer while she changed he said something like, "Don't worry, you're not my type."

My gay friends here thought that's what he meant, so I kind of figured they were right.

Kern said...

I am also curious: do you think Danielle is really, really dead or that she's just very badly wounded?

We thought Mikhail was pretty dead last season, but he came back and killed Charlie...

Damfino said...

I want her to be really really dead. And I think she is - I get the feeling the writers did not know what to do with her.

I guessed Tom was gay too when I saw that Kate bit last season. I mean... who wouldn't want to watch Kate change?

Kern said...

Not me.

I mean to say I DO want to watch Kate change. Slowly. Verrry slowly. And eating a Hostess Pudding Pie.

Unfortunately, this will never happen as some bastard made the fine people at Hostess discontinue pudding pies. A man can dream...

Deric said...

I actually watched this episode -- the first in a couple of years, and I have a LOT to catch up on.

You see after they killed off Echo in the stupidest of ways for absolutely no reason at all I stopped watching. His story line was never fully developed for me. So I took the only revenge I could take -- I stopped watching. Up to that point I had been a faithful watcher of Lost.

But my anger was about as deep as Paris Hilton, and goaded by Jed's fine synopses I was lured back to the fold.

I now need to add season two and three to my Netflix queue so I can catch up.

I might have to skim a couple to catch up in time - but only the bad episodes.

Damfino said...

Deric - as you well know, I do not condone skimming. That said, you have been past the worst of the worst, after Eko's death... all is amazing!

Eko was a bummer - brilliant character - brilliant storyline... pushy actor. Everyone wanted him gone - so the writers made it happen.

Too bad, I would have loved to see him running amok right now!


Damfino said...
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