Friday, March 14, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.07 "Ji Yeon"

I have to admit, I am a sucker for all Jin/Sun based episodes of LOST. I find their back story most compelling, with the over bearing father in law - Jin being forced into a violent job by him, Sun's shocking affair with Jae Lee... hell, I even fell for the Jin's mother as a prostitute episode!

Last night brought another Jin/Sun episode... yet this one is unlike all of the rest. Sun had a flash-forward... and Jin had a flash-back!

The flash-forward finds Sun as the final member of the Oceanic Six (count em - Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Aaron, and Sun). She is seen early on with full preggers and in some sort of birthing problem. Her story continues as she goes to the hospital and begs for Jin to be called.

The corresponding island story finds Sun talking with Daniel Farraday asking about being rescued. Poor Daniel, who is turning out to be one of the most identifiable characters on the show, is unable to lie to her and admits he can't make the decision to save them. This sends Sun on a mission to head out to Locke's camp... Juliet tries to stop her - Sun resists - and Juliet announces to Jin that Sun had an affair.


Jin is a fantastic character on the show, he has transitioned from angry controlling husband all the way to understanding English learning ass kicker! He struggles with the realization that Sun cheated - but in the end, his acceptance, is one of the more honest moments for the series. Jin absolutely could understand why she would pull away... and admitting that to her is huge.

Of course that means he has to die. This show has a history of killing off characters when they realize their personal journey... and here, we see that Jin's story was a flash-forward fake out... and actually a flash-back. Getting dizzy yet?

Jin is seen rushing to buy a stuffed panda to take to the hospital - for a client of Mr. Paik! Jin's tale actually takes place only 2 months after his marriage to Sun... and it is used to at once trick the audience... but also show what is missing in Sun's world now...

Back on the boat we some weird crap going on. Ragina, Zoe Bell, kills herself after only having one on screen scene! What is the deal? They get these interesting actors (Fisher Stevens!!!!) and kill them off immediately!

Anyway, Michael is seen for a moment. Surprise.

It is strange that the series builds up to the Michael reveal... but I do a lot of LOST podcast listening and reading... so to the normal viewer - this may have been a surprise. Next week we learn all about Kevin Johnson.

The final moments with Sun and Hurley at Jin's tombstone were very well done... in fact, I am not sure if Jin isn't truly dead. I know that seems odd to say, I should be thinking he is dead... but I expect this show to toss things on their ear. Jin might just be dead because of the words Sun speaks to him. She tells him of their daughter and that she named her Ji Yeon, just as he had asked. It was a very - sniff sniff - well done bit.

The show is continuing to rock... way to go Damon and Carlton!!

LOST 4.07 "Ji Yeon" : B+



Kern said...

I'm still loving it.

From a narrative standpoint, last night was pretty'd think after the flash forward at the end of last season, we the viewers wouldn't be so easily duped(well, me anyway), but they are so masterful at hiding things in plain sight!

Michael: no surprise there, I thought. I am, however, really looking forward to seeing where the hell he's been all this time, and what he's doing for Ben.

One thing that continues to intrigue me is just how long and how far the Widmore war on Ben will continue to go on after the Oceanic Six leave the island as Sayid is working for him in the future. Very interesting.

Damfino said...

I have no idea if Jin is dead. Opinion?

Widmore is a scapegoat... or being used.

I so intrigued by;
1. Smokey
2. Jacob
3. Freighter deaths
4. Time issues
5. All things Farraday

Not interested;

1. Locke
2. Jack
3. Sawyer



Kern said...

Which Widmore do you think is being used? I think a case could be made for both. Either he's looking for the island and Penny used his resources and research to find Desmond, or maybe it's the other way around.

At this point what I'm most interested in is Ben, and what the hell the deal is with the "war" that seems to be happening in the future. That and all of the time anomolies etc. Especially Faraday. Not sure about Jin being dead. Though I think so.

I was never too jazzed about Libby. She never did much for me in the pants shrinking department. Give me Freckles or Juliet anyday. Or Claire with dark hair. Hmm...gothalicious.

Did you know that one of the real Faraday's inventions is essential to the operation of almost all vacuum cleaners?

Yeah, that's right.

Nerd Alert!