Monday, February 11, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.02 "Confirmed Dead"

Thursday night brought another stellar episode of "Lost" - a show that single handedly filling my TV show viewing needs. I am not an insane fan of the show, having watched all of the episodes perhaps twice... and really questioning some of the dramatic moments of the series (as well as some of the stale writing on the show!). I will say this though, I do enjoy how the show always keeps me guessing at what is going on.

"Confirmed Dead" starts off with some fascinating images from a few submerged deep ocean camera subs - stumbling on an airplane sunk deep into the waters off of the coast of India. The wreckage is creepy and bodies still have some flesh on them... yikes! It is Oceanic Flight 815.

Ok - so that was not really unexpected since this scene was referenced last season ("They found 815 - there were no survivors!") but the delivery was spotless - and I am thrilled at how the writers used this moment to introduce each of the new characters of the "rescue" team.

Ken Leung (last seen on the final season of "The Sopranos") has a killer role as a semi-ghostbuster who has no qualms about ripping off poor old ladies! Jeremy Davies is a fun addition, opening the show with some uncontrollable tears.

And finally... Jeff friggin Fahey!!!

In all seriousness - the creators of this show are at once really smart and one can definitely tell they know exactly where they are going now... but also, they are complete film nerds like most of us. They hired Ken Leung BECAUSE they saw him on Sopranos... they got Fahey BECAUSE he IS Fahey!!! They have really taken this show to another level and it is all really exciting to watch.

As far as the mystery goes there is tons to digest; Why was Daniel Farrady crying at the 815 news? Why was there a polar bear skeleton with a Dharma logo found in the desert? Who are the rest of the Oceanic 6? Why is the "rescue" team here to get Ben? And who the hell does Ben have on the boat?!?!?

Loads of fun!

LOST 4.02 "Confirmed Dead" : A-



Kern said...

A fun side note for everyone. I think two of my favorite episodes in the last two seasons were this one and the Nikki and Paulo affair that most people despised, and I owe their greatness to new writer on the team Brian K Vaughan.

For those unfamiliar with BKV, I urge, beg, plead, and otherwise cajole you to go to the bookstore and seek out at least the first volume of his graphic novel series Y: The Last Man, which just now ended a couple of weeks back. He also writes another amazing book called Ex Machina at the moment.

Look him up!

Oh, and nice writeup Jed!

PS-I think Ben's man on the boat is Michael. Just sayin'.

Damfino said...

I knew Vaughan was coming on but missed his name at the start - cool.

I totally agree about Michael - that is instantly where I went too.

The ep was not perfect - bad Sawyer beating Ben scene - bad Locke going to shoot Ben scene - little lines here and there were chunky.

Overall though - this show is moving on up to that deeelux apartment...