Friday, February 01, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.01 "Beginning of the End"

Last night "Lost" finally returned to start its shortened 8 episode run and things began right where we left off at the end of last season. The episode, titled "Beginning of the End," laid the ground work for a new story structure that the show can now use. Having the flash-forwad concept blowing viewers minds in the final episode last season, this episode makes use of that and centers on a Hurley flash-forward.

This concept really rips the show loose of it's restrictions and fires up all sorts of interesting parallels!

I dig this series. The writers always aim for larger themes then really what is being told... and the direction is more often than not - exhilarating! Take for instance the first image of the episode (above).

Then the image explodes.

In reality it is Hurley driving his Camaro (fantastic throwback to his previous flash-back ep) right through the stack - and the show could just as easily jumped to an image of a speeding car being chased... but instead, they take this moment to create an image that speaks to where things are heading... the natural world of the island is about to be destroyed.

I love it.

There were some moments that did not quite work - Hurley specifically had a few moments that I thought stretched the actor a bit thin. It was emotional watching him tell Claire that Charlie was dead... but still, something rung a little weak and false there. I did enjoy Hugo's cannonball into the ocean - what a beautiful moment to see.

The scene with Charlie at the mental institution was perfectly eerie... a moment that this show continually gets right.

It is great to have the series back and I am really pumped to see where things go. It is a little frustrating to see some of the hiccups the writers have (Naomi leaving two blood trails... dying just moments later... the group splitting at the end... ugh!) - yet it is thrilling to watch them play with our expectations and tantalize us with new characters and story lines.

The show is a ball.

"Lost" 4.01 : B+


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