Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here we go Bulldogs here we go!

Last night brought some major wedding planning done while watching the Drake Bulldogs take on the Creighton Jays. Ceremony verses aside - this was a fantastic game!!

Being a graduate of the University of Iowa, I am a huge Hawkeye fan. The Big Ten Network got up and running this year and our cable company made the odd decision to not buy in - thus, we have been screwed out of all of the Hawks basketball games.

Since Cara is a huge basketball fan... and I do anything she asks... and Drake games were cheap and close - we have been attending a few of the Bulldogs games. The shocker is, the Bulldogs are having one helluva season.

They stand on the top of the Missouri Valley Conference and last night they played Creighton to keep their #1 position. The game, held in Omaha, saw a crowd of 17,000 cheering on the Jays (the Knapp center only holds about 7,000). Things moved quickly in the opening, both teams traded 3-pointers with the Jays sinking 8 of 11 early on (that is 24 of their 30 points at half!). The second half saw the lead change a few times and a final bucket that tied things to send it into over time. Drake pulled ahead and took the win.

Drake is now ranked #22 in the nation and if they keep playing the way they are, should make a huge impact in the NCAA tournament. We will have to see come March!

Atta boys!



Kern said...

It's funny you mention the BTN because my brother in law who is a diehard Hawks fan was complaining about his cable company not buying in either and he and my sister live up in the Quad Cities. He had a long explanation about there being a stalemate between cable providers and BTN as far as being included in a package or available separately like an NFL season pass thing, so essentially in the meantime no one gets it.

I'm not a huge sports guy, but I hate business practices that keep people from enjoying hobbies they'd be more than willing to pay for if given the chance. Hope they figure that out for you guys.

Oh, speaking of my sister, to paraphrase the movie Juno, Meggo is preggo.

Uncle Kern. Frightening.

Damfino said...

It does frustrate me that the BTN was able to work with DirectTV and Dish, but Mediacom held out. Someone is using my viewership to make dough off of the deal...

Being an Uncle is strange and fun - enjoy brother!

Sheriff officer Greg the Bunny said...

Speaking of strange and fun,

Have you guys ever fliped a chic over and then tilted your shaft to put is all the way up the....?

Wait a second...wrong post. I thought this was another one of Alex's blog contests.



Kern said...

Sheriff! How are things in Muscoland?

I should have a contest again though. It always brought a lot of life to the site.

Damfino said...

Greg taught me that move - he called it the "Inverted Love Mole."

Funny - I thought with "love" in the title it would be less painful.

Kern said...

I think there's a similar move to that I've heard of, only it's strictly "rear entrance". I believe it's called the "Dancin' On The Ceiling".

So I hear.