Friday, June 15, 2007

Stupid Foto Friday!

Hello all. It's been ages since I posted anything here at the Damfinoblog, and since it's a summer Friday, I thought I would attempt to bring a little levity to the proceedings. I am going to post a recent ridiculous picture of myself with the invitation to come up with an amusing caption. Or not. Perhaps you'd just like to marvel at my doughy physique and ability to seemingly grow hair everywhere, not just on my chest, possibly lending a bit more creedence to Sheriff's claim that I am indeed a Mansquatch.

Caption Me!

Either way, have a laugh and a fantastic weekend.

Hugs and ****,



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

"what time is it?"

"It's mansquatch time!"

Kern said...


How about this:

"Promotional Shot From VH-1's New Dating Game Show, Flavor of Kern

Anonymous said...

Move over Flavor Flave The Kernster has arrived.

Damfino said...

I thought this was an image from Silence of the Lambs... Ted Levine... looking into a mirror...


Kern - the beard is salacious!!!