Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gilmore Girls...RIP

Well it has ended.

The show that united Buttercup and Jed all those years ago. Jed was "all in" the second EP when Lor ran down the stairs in her cut off jean shorts and cowboy boots....and who wouldn't be!

We have followed the "girls" through many adventures and broken relationships.

I found it fitting that it ended as it began with the 3 main characters in the diner and fade out.

The girls will be missed. We observed a window into their world and we left it, as most of us leave life, without a nice tidy bow around it. Will Luke and Lor make it? What will happen with Rory? Will Kirk be the new lead singer of Van Halen? All of these questions will go unanswered. And that is ok with me.

Good bye Stars Hollow......



Kern said...

Nice one, Sheriff.

I, for one, have no idea how to spend a pantsless Tuesday evening without the Gilmore Girls.

Thank you, ladies, for all the smiles, tears, and miscellaneous other bodily responses to your wit and pathos.

Damfino said...

Most endings suck - and Gilmore definitely did not wrap things up in any sort of mind blowing fashion.

The entire season is kind of a painful gouge in my back - it was a fake photocopy of a once brilliant show... and it was really hard to love it every week.

So it goes.

Greg does point to one important thing - this show was a defining representation of my friendship with Drea - we watched it together - giggled like girls throughout the seasons - called each other up after shows and gushed about the little moments we loved...

It was simply amazing to share that with her.

Greg got some loving in there too.

So it was with a heavy heart that I watched it end... watched the camera lift away from that window into another world...

Oh how we all have changed since day one.