Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mr. Spendy

*note, I wanted to post this last week but have not had any time... end note*

Once upon a time there was a boy... and he was awfully spendy. Mr. Spendy didn't actually make very much money - and what he did have he wasted on booze and flowers for his girlie - but he had an innate desire to "own" the finer things in life.

He was pretty naughty in November and bought an Audi A4. Many have seen Mr. Spendy's beloved A4 - but he thought he had better add some images for the others. Pics below;



My daily view.


But even more so, Mr. Spendy felt an empty place where a certain item's love should live. Mr. Spendy needed something more... he needed an HD TV.

Last weekend marked the breaking point for Mr. Spendy and his girl - they had gotten some funds back from the Government and Mr. Spendy had some plans on how they should spend them... of course his girl had quite a different idea... but they met half way.

American held a nice deal of 2 years no interest - this allowed Mr. Spendy to pay off small amounts monthly and take the large sum from the Gov. and invest it away - this made the girl very happy. Mr. Spendy had found his way to buy his TV.

Sony - Mr. Spendy loves the brand - LCD - Mr. Spendy found this type of TV to offer the best image quality - Bravia XBR - the Sony model that just sort of screamed "TAKE ME HOME!!!" to Mr. Spendy.

Girlie and Lilly are excited.

Mr. Spendy - obviously happy.

Even the batteries say Sony!

46 inches of drooley!!!

This is the first thing we watched - over the air first!!

The picture does not do it justice... it - looks - good!

Mr. Spendy is thrilled... he can sleep soundly... until the next toy is in his sights.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Welcome to the land of big boy toys. Set looks great man. Can't wait to see some 1080i content on the new biggest window around.


Damfino said...

Basketball this weekend was amazing - watched Golf on Sunday and could see a dead pixel in one of their cameras... I was geeking out big time!!!


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Picked up Casino Royale dvd last night.


Kern said...

Right on, Fino! Welcome to the world of beautiful and sexy HD!

I'm glad to see you enjoying the fruits of your labor. For me, seeing Lost in HD for the first time once they offered it in my area nearly made me wet myself with joy. Mostly because of the eerie Dolby Digital sound effects!

Kern said...

As a side note, Megyn Price is on TV again??

I learn something new everyday...

Ain't Right said...

Alright, so it's well known (at least by Mr. Fino) that I dispise Sony. I also don't like LCDs very much cause most of them say they do 1080i but then if you look at the actual resolution they don't really. But I looked up the specs on Mr. Spendy's new TV and low and behold it not only does 1080i it does 1080p and has the resolution to support that claim, the magic 1920x1080. Good job Jed. Now for Mr. Spendy's benefit I hope Blu-Ray wins out cause Sony probably put a chip in the TV to block all HD-DVD signals.

Damfino said...

AHHHH! Don't give Sony that idea!

I did some major research on the TV - I am very pleased.

Gotta geek out here for a bit;

After a week of watching I have noticed a few things - the image quality is fantastic in a bright room, which works for our living room - the blacks are rich and dark... the colors are vibrant... but the TV does start to falter with fast motion. A blurring occurs - something that I thought buying the top end would avoid (since I knew it was an issue with LCD's).

In the ideal viewing space (lights out) the picture is stunning!!!

7 days in and I am still very pleased (oh, and no clouding as of yet!!).