Friday, March 30, 2007

I don't have a green jacket

Mickelson - Singh - Woods..... Findlay!

Howdy folks,

Cara and I head out on our trip tonight - we will be driving down to Kansas City to stay at her sister's (Tricia and fiance Graham). Then tomorrow morning bright and early we fly out to Atlanta.

The whole reason we are going is that Cara's father (Bob) won tickets to the practice round of the Masters.

That is golf to those who are not with the sport scene (as someone who is constantly catching up with Cara on the sport scene - don't be ashamed).

Tuesday we will be walking the course at Augusta and seeing the greats play the game. It is going to take all of my energy not to scream for Tiger when we walks up to tee off. He always looks so cute in his Nike garb...


Anyway, we will be shooting several rounds of golf on various days (18 holes worth on Monday!) and it will be time for Jed to shine!! I have bought new shoes - my clubs are worn in... and I am primed to make my break in the sport.

It's my time baby!!!

Or not.

Pics will follow next week - adieu to those stuck in Iowa... suckers.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

What....the...amen corner....white jump suits...."a legend like no other" motorboatin son of a bitch!

Thanks for telling me you were going to Augusta. At least I could have been watching it on your new HDTV!!

Have fun.


Damfino said...

I watched Greg the Bunny and Arrested Development in HD this week...

Holy fricklesticks!!!

Augusta is going to rule... It makes me sooo happy to hear your jealousy.

It fuels my tears of joy!!!


Kern said...

What about those of us stuck in Seattle?

Shua! said...

"The guy in the $5,000 dollar suit come on!"

G.O.B. Bluth oh how I do miss all the magic and nonsense of our beloved Arrested.

Fino have fun down there in the fine state of Georgia. Sheriff is not the only one jealous.

"That guy spends more time in the sand than David Haselhoff"