Thursday, March 08, 2007


I woke up this morning determined to lie and deceive my beloved fiance - but first, I had to make like I was pathetic.

Cara turned 29 this morning and I said "Happy Birthday" to her as she left, but that was about it. My plan depended upon her thinking I was a bum... a louse who did nothing for her special day.

Hell - I even skipped blogging about her birthday (thus the late post) to keep her thinking I was a jerk.

She had some friends give her balloons - that was nice... that helped her get over that I was doing nothing for her day. As she worked away, I ran around franticly trying to get everything done so I could get to work.

I baked the cake - got the flowers - wrapped the gifts... and set up everything so Lilly could not get to it.

Cara came home and was surprised - another successful game of Jed the trickster!!

I should let everyone know I am typing this half drunk... thus the odd - not so interesting writing... my language skills suck after a glass of cabernet and a shot of makers!

Happy Birthday baby!!



Shua! said...

Happy Birthday Cara!

Fino up to your usual tricks I see good job on suprising her!

Looks like she had a cool cake and lots of presents.



Shua! said...

Cara Happy 29th Birthday!


krysta jo said...

HAPPY Birthday (late)!

Good work on the surprise Jedy.

Kern said...

Well played, sir.

Happy birthday, Cara!

c-note said...

Thanks everyone! It was a great birthday. Jed really did surprise me with a cake, balloons and flowers!!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Happy birthday Cara. a little late.

Time to drag Jed away from the HDTV and get him out running again.