Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Wedding & a Gazeebo

As Josh and Christi's wedding day plans roll on (and we inch closer to the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties!) - loads of fun little anecdotes will pass us by.

Josh & Christi have created a blog to keep us up to date on the wedding goings-ons... going ons... whatever. The wedding stuff!!

Check it out The Wedding!

They have posted twice already - it should be a fun site to check weekly for tales of the weird and stressful!

I just hope Josh won't be posting any wedding night thong purchasing pictures... that would just be destructive to my psyche.



Damfino said...

Oh yeah - you might want to keep the comments on the Wedding blog....

less filthy.

Sheriff... Kern... BEHAVE!

Kern said...

I don't know if I can speak for the Sheriff, but I think that we are going to be perfect gentlemen when it comes to the wedding blog.

Besides, all the built up filth will accumulate and can rightfully be unleashed here and at Listen, Listen in the near future.

Speaking of which, look for some new work over there at Listen, Listen pretty soon.

Damfino said...

I am still waiting... you best be getting crotchedy soon.

Kern said...

Yeah, I know. At least one of my distractions is going to be out of the picture for a little while, so there's that.

Balancing the blog with Tiny Mix Tapes is hard work. I kind of vowed I wanted to be a bit more consistent with them this year and see if I can grab some more notoriety since it's read by an international audience.

Yes, I am a writing whore. But not as badly as these assholes on the Rolling Stone reality show on MTV.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

One less distraction Kern???

Have Destiny and Mercedes made nice and now there is no time left over for "the kern" to mess up their pink taco revolution?

Is that filthy enough for you all!!!

the sheriff already posted at the wedding blog and it was filth free.


Kern said...

Well, I wouldn't say that, per se. She's working at a new place(she travels around the country working different places) and her weird working hours plus our propensity to talk for hours at a time means that we'll likely not have the chance to talk a lot for a little while. That's alright. Like I said, I just like meeting new and interesting friends and talking to them.

But I do feel a little bit bad contributing so little to Listen, Listen in the last few months. I think I just needed a little break from it.

But I think it's almost time for me to rise like the Crotchety Phoenix.

Shua! said...

Well thank you to all you Damfinians out there in the blog world giving me and Christi props and love for our blog. Keep the filth on the Damfino blog please we wouldn't want Mom and Grandma asking what the heck a pink taco is now would we. No in all honesty I would like to thank Damfino for directing this blog we couldn't have done it without him he deserves the blogster award. Good Day to everyone!


Damfino said...

The blogster award better be reape-worthy Tina filled with Milky-ways and snickers!

Damfino said...

That was supposed to be "rape-worthy" - Jer used to rape Tina... getting a "piece" as he would say.

Kern said...

Oh my.

Josh-No worries, my man. We'll keep The Wedding Blog filth free, on my honor as a gentleman. Ok, as a reasonable facsimile of a gentleman, anyway.