Friday, January 26, 2007

Seasons change

I finally had a chance to see Tuesday's episode of Gilmore Girls last night and I feel compelled to make some comments about it. I love this show - we all have a fondness for it (save Devin) - but for the first time since Amy Palladino (ASP) left the show, I found myself really disliking what I had seen.

There has been quite a bit of loathing poured onto David Rosenthal for the show's tepid 7th season, but of course, he is dealing with the conumdrum that ASP wrote the series into last year. Rosenthal embraced those challenges and put a different spin on things that I found interesting. But Tuesday's episode was really a shallow/pale version of what this show once was.

I did not laugh at anything - not even Gil's return! I found the Lane pregnancy visually sloppy and uninteresting. Lor and Rory continuing to have issues with Christopher making changes is a ridiculous character killing storyline (or simplistic way to create a problem between them). Adding in dialogue about Rory going to London with Logan and solving their fight... ugh... bad writing.

And finally... the drama... the drama has become... soapy.

I know - everyone will say "It's been soapy since the beginning!!!" But it just seems that ASP had a way to take dramatic situations and turned them lyrically on their heads. She could erase the notion that we had seen all of this before (a woman leaving her fiance at the alter!?!? How shocking!!) and would spin the tale that would make me laugh and fake cry.

Now... now we have Luke suffering in a child custody case... Lor beginning to see how much she loved him (I am going to vomit with frustration in how ridiculously simple it seems her emotions move from one extreme to another... and I know in a sense that can be real... but we need to see into these characters!!! Show us a damn scene that makes us believe in her emotions!!)... Chris being slowly written off the show. It all is so... cheap.

For the first time ever - a Gilmore Girls episode ended... and I said to myself... that was worthless.

Strange though - I go to (shutup you heartless b@stards) and there is a post from the site creator about how this episode marks the first good moment in the season. Hmmm - I really know nothing.



glutton-4-punishment said...

Yeah this weeks gilmore was terrible, it had its moments but it was probally the worst ep. Ive ever seen. Veronica wasnt that great either! But this weeks Beauty and the Geek was awesome, so the CW has that working for them..LOL

glutton-4-punishment said...

dude, how do I get my profile picture to appear on my comments

Damfino said...

Um - It has been so long... there should be a place to add a picture.

Damfino said...

Gosh - I am so helpful.

Damfino said...

Did you click "share my profile?"

Damfino said...

Glutton - nice pic - hope you can figure out how to show it.

p.s. Go check out Kern's new post - it is hi-lar-i-ous!!!


Kern said...

I think the worst thing I can say about GG this week is that it made me feel nothing one way or the other. In a way, that's possibly worse than just being daring and flat out bad. Like Fino said, pure laziness, and oversimplification of characters who once had so much depth is really annoying.

The truest failure in art is the solicitation of ambivalence.

Thanks for the props, by the way!

onecrazylady said...

I thought Gilmore was better than the Scrubs episode from last week. That was bad!

Kern said...

Which one was that? The musical?

glutton4punishment said...

testing to see if my photo works

glutton4punishment said...

YES!!!!! bow before DWIGHT bow to him!!

Damfino said...

Love the pic glutton... love it.

How could you knock the SCRUBS musical Wendy!?!? I dug it.

Shua! said...

I Like the picture Glutton for Punishment. Man the Office has really gotten good. I loved the past weeks eps good stuff.

When does the Sopranos start again?

Peace you all.


onecrazylady said...

Because I thought it was pure crap.

Ain't Right said...

I agree. Musical Scrubs was horrible. It reminded me of a bad South Park episode.