Thursday, January 18, 2007

"It all comes down to poo!"

Hiya cats and kittens!

Tonight is a momentous evening of sorts - not only is it new eps of The Office - 30 Rock - and our beloved SCRUBS - but it is also the musical episode of SCRUBS.

Ah yes, how long we have all waited to see our favorite docs of Sacred Heart break into song and tell us all how we all come down to poo... in rhyme!

The SCRUBS crew has been waiting to do a musical ever since Mr. Joss Whedon blew all of our collective TV viewing minds with his catchy yet brilliant episode of Buffy - "Once More with Feeling!"

I was quite surprised to see the singing chops of the Buffy crew (Hannigan aside - she admitted singing was not her gig) and I look forward to seeing how Braff and Co. handle the duties (though I have heard Chalke does not sing - it ain't her gig either!).

Being the uber dork that I am - I hit Zach Braff's blog ( and saw he took some time and wrote a huge post after the Globes. He mentions the musical and how much he loves it. Take some time and go read it - well done for Braff!

As for the rest of us - you best be watching... or I will hunt you down like the filthy dogs you are and punish you.

Make you watch According to Jim or something...



onecrazylady said...

Did you not catch last week's new episode of Scrubs?

Damfino said...

Yeah - but I had MLK day off - so it seems like it is a return from the holidays.

I giggled at the end with JD motor boat'n in his girlies newly sized breastusus.

onecrazylady said...

I also laughed at that part. I can't wait for the show tonight either. The previews they have been showing look good.

Damfino said...

You can watch a few songs online - Guy Love one... and It all comes down to Poo song is on youtube as well.

Kern said...

According To Jim? I believe that's cruel and unusual punishment which would be unconstitutional. The painful un-comedy that Jim Belushi exudes is like the Abu Ghraib(Sp?) of prime time television viewing.

Kern said...

By the way, what is this motorboat you speak of? I am assuming it isn't actually a nautical term...?

Ain't Right said...

Watched Scrubs the musical last night......yeah......Can I have that half-hour of my life back please?