Monday, January 15, 2007

"Do you dig it?"

We're gonna keep this simple.

Cara and I took a drive off to Chicago this weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary. We stayed at the Ambassador Hotel - had some delicious Chicago-style pizza at Giordano's - spent a few hours at the Art Institute of Chicago - walked about the city - and prepped for a nice evening about town.

The exact details of the proceeding events are none too clear - it has something to do with flop sweat - a bar/restaurant called the Pump Room - and a question that will go down in infamy.

This is Cara Beth Rainey.

This is Cara Beth Rainey's ring.

She likes me.



Shua! said...

Congrats Damfino me and Christi are happy for both you and Cara!!!

Can't wait to hear the details with the rest of the fam tomorrow night.

Talk to you later...

Josh & Christi

Ain't Right said...

Wow, how cryptic. That definitely looks like an engagement ring. So if it's you she's engaged to then Yay! Congrats!

But if she's engaged to someone else then Bad Cara! Shame on you!

Hopefully it's the first one.

Kern said...

Holy bloody Christ on A Cracker...

I mean yay!

Wow man. Congrats to you and Cara. I'll be interested to hear details at some point.

Damfino said...

To Josh & Christi - Dev - and Kern...


Details in person (kern, you can call sometime) - better that way.


Kern said...

Will do, my man.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I'm toasting right now.

onecrazylady said...

Congratulations Jed and Cara!

Deit Heimley said...

I saw the suit and the crazy look on Jed's face and I had an idea before I got to the tell-tale picture.

That is just crazy!

So it's a double wedding in the Damfino family!

Damfino said...

I look a little out of it don't I... punch-drunk!

Actually, Cara and I are planning on just sneaking up behind Josh and Christi and just sliding in after they are done.

Cheaper - quicker... and the day before my birthday!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Congrats you too love birds.


ps: do i detect a hint of flop sweat there Jed? And by the way Mr. Sinatra farted in that booth.

Damfino said...

If only I could have shared a gaseous moment with ol' blue eyes...


Kern said...

Maybe you should have ordered some cauliflower?

It might have coaxed Frank's spirit fart back from the ether.

Kern said...

I guess it's true things come in threes. KJ, Josh, and Fino all engaged at the same time.

Interesting. Random, but interesting.

tom said...

Jed-Congrats! Just happened to stumble upon your musings... great stuff.
-A blast from the past (and an open invite to check out my blog).