Monday, January 22, 2007

Going to Miami!

Wow - those were two amazing Championship games!!! I am thrilled with the outcome - Bears vs. Colts - a dream game for me.

Yesterday we had my Grandmother's birthday celebration at Mama Lacona's - it was at 1 pm - the Bears played at 2.

We had a TV in the party room - but they had Mediacom and the game was on Fox - Mediacom had dropped Fox! Dan and I ran off to buy an antenna - but we could not find one... so we pulled the plug from the wall and worked the reception utill finally a signal was found!!

The game was insane - intense and shockingly one sided by the end. The Saints looked really strong for a while there - but kind of gave up to the defense late in the 4th.

The Colts game was phenomenal - exciting throughout. I was really happy to see Manning play so well (one interception!) and watch the Pats lose.

This is going to be an amazing Super Bowl - Bears are back again!!! Yeah baby!!!

I also got out to see Pan's Labyrinth this weekend. Cara really disliked the film because it was truly brutally violent - and it's sad and absolutely depressing tone and ending left her with nothing to love.

I liked the film - truly admired it - but felt for everyone who hated it. It is truly depressing - the fantasy aspects are waaaay overpowered by the violent reality. I think Del Toro could have effectively pulled back on the violence and still told the same story - with it's somber tone! Then maybe most of the viewers would not walk out so disappointed.

It will not be nominated for major awards at the Oscars - and it is kind of hard to recommend to others because of it's violence and total negative feeling about it. So - I would give it an A-. It was so close to being a masterpiece... if only a little less was given to the darkness - and a little more to the fantastical world that is created - then perhaps I could tell everyone to see it.

Anyway - great wintery weekend - the Audi loves the snow!!!



Kern said...

I still haven't been able to see Pan's yet, but I am looking forward to it. I think I'm a little be desensitized to brutality in media, so I have a feeling that aspect won't bother me too much.

Speaking of creepy films with odd messages, check my blog a bit later today as I am reviewing a Japanese horror film from 1960 called Jigoku, which was actually done rather stylishly and interestingly all things considered.

Glad you're happy with the Super Bowl matchup. Football isn't my thing, so good luck to your team. I'll be waiting for open wheel racing to start in a few months wondering why the hell NASCAR is the one series that gets to have the longest, overexposed season.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Bears game great.

Pats/ instant classic.

Little numb that my Bears are once again on the grand stage. Last time in 85/86 there was no doubt that the bears were going to mop up the Pats in the game.

This year will be a true test. Go Bears!

Movies on tap this week:

Who killed the electric car & A Prairie Home Companion (Altman's last completed work).


Damfino said...

Bears have a challenge... but Manning is not invincible (as we have seen).

Once again - Grossman will have to step up. The Colts D has lit up the world as of late!

I am so jazzed!!!!

Movies this week;

Lady in the Water - Snakes on a Plane

Ugh - but must be seen.

Kern said...

Oh, I also watched Delicatessen by Jeunet and Caro. Super stuff, and I am ashamed that it took me over ten years to watch it. Bad Kern.

Up next: Munich-Spielberg, Blind Chance and No End-Kieslowski

glutton-4-punishment said...

You know what I cant wait for feb. 5th
the day football dies, and the earth can start spining again. April 1st a true smart mans sport starts up. Go SOX!! down with chubs!!

I totally agree with everything you said about "Pans L".


ohh, i finally decided I would start posting, but you probally wont be able to read any of my smart ass comments till the next day since I have very little access at work.

Kern said...

Oh my God, it's Jerry!

How's it going, man?

Damfino said...

The non-football fan needs a picture.