Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 - it's Fergilicious!

Hey you crazy kids - the holidays are coming to a close and I am sitting watching the Rose Bowl getting under way. I am wiped out.

Last night we celebrated New Years with Rich/Shelley and Steve/Angela... we had some fun watching Fergie and Meatloaf singing away the new year and we started up an intense game hold em that lasted most of the evening - we finally rolled home at 4:30 am.

Sadly, I had to wake up around 9 to finish painting the kitchen... that's right, we scraped off all of the wallpaper and painted two shades of green!! It looks mighty pretty!!

Look closely at the far right corner to see the difference in paint.

Anyway, the holidays have been swag filled and marvelous! I got me tons of DVD goodies - and an excellent iPod adapter for the Audi which allows full digital music through my nice BOSE system... yummy!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday - we are going to lay around the rest of the day and ease back into work... ugh.

Lilly has herself a head start... she is out!!! So am I.



Shua! said...

Yo Fino the Kitchen looks really good. Did you win in hold em?

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Damfino Bloggers and wishing everyone a great 2007!

krysta jo said...

Wow - with those painting skills, I think you just volunteered yourself to come paint our new house (well when we get one --- this week maybe??).


Kern said...

Happy new year Damfinofriends. Here's hoping we can make 2007 as debauched and raucous as 2006.

One has to have goals.

Damfino said...

Happy new years to all and to all... um.. excuse me.

(puking noises heard)

Sorry about that - I am currently at home sick with food poisoning... I have never been so ill in my life... totally weak and hitting the bathroom every 30 min.

2007 is starting off with a RIIIIPPPPP - PLOP - BLEEEEECHHHHH

oh... my.

Damfino said...

KJ - congrats on the house discovery... I hope you feel my envy.

Engaged... new car... new house...

ooohhhhh - but she lives in Minnesota.... that explains it.


Kern said...

Fino-Man, that sounds like an awful way to start the new year. If I could fax you some Immodium, I'd totally do it.

I spent my New Year's evening cooking and watching the new Criterion version of Kieslowski's The Double Life of Veronique, which I give the nod to, by the way. It was about time the damn thing came out on DVD. I'm really excited to see the commentary now.

Annette Inisdorf! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

krysta jo said...

Eww sick....and puking sick??? It must have been brought on by the painting. You probably shouldn't participate in anymore house updates!! You poor thing...

Don't be jealous - it's a lot of stress to buy a house and plan a wedding. Good thing I have my 4x4 little truck to spin around in snow and ice. It relieves my stress! isn't THAT bad.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Happy New Year to All!


ps: kitchen looks great...just the right color for making drunken frozen hot wings at 3:30am.