Thursday, August 24, 2006

I have a question for you...

She woke from a dream
Her head was on fire
Why was he so nervous
He took her to the park
She crossed her arms and
lowered her eye lids

Someday somebody's gonna ask you
A question that you should say yes to
once in your life
Maybe tonight
ive got a querstion for you

She'd had no idea
started to cry
she said in a good way
he took her by the hand
walked her back home
they took the long way

someday somebody's gonna ask you
a question that you should say yes to
once in your life
maybe tonight
ive got a question for you

My older brother Josh decided to blow my mind yesterday and announced that he has asked his girlfriend Christi to marry him.

Holy Crap!

She said yes.


Apparently the sneaky devil had been saving up for a ring for a while (penny-pinching miser has not bought me any McDonald's for months!!) - and finally yesterday he tossed the ring at the girl.

I guess I am in a state of shock! I have not had many bonding hours with Christi - looks like we are going to have to take down a bottle of Gin together and discuss the world and why we are here. I mean - she is going to be my sister in law!!!

But the most mind swirling fact is that Josh is getting married! MY BROTHER!!!! I am so proud of him!

Way to go my man! May the heads begin to spin with this news.

I have added a little slide show to celebrate - it does include music.

Question on Vimeo



onecrazylady said...

Congratulations, Josh!

Kern said...

Holy hopping Christ on a Cracker!

Nice work, Josh, and congrats. Talk about a plot twist. I thought there would be nuptials involved, but wow!

Congrats again, my man!

krysta jo said...

Yeah for Joshy!! I am so happy for you. :)

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

It's true.....

Chicks do love guys with "Skills"

Way to go Josh!

Dude, two words

Bachelor Party!


ps: let us raise our glasses and show our asses to Josh..the man of the hour! Salute!

Damfino said...


Damfino said...

I concur with the Sheriff - bachelor party! Good lord can you imagine what debauchery we will come up with for him?!?!


Buttercup said...

Holy crap Congratulation you sly dog now the next thing is to impregnate her. Or did you already do that??????

Damfino said...

Oh BC... you must be smothered for that comment!

Kern said...

Wow, we've gone from a sweet proposal to tawdry escapades in only a few posts.

I'm so proud. (Sniff)

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

nothing more I can teach you Buttercup. Away go and prosper.

sheriff yoda

FlopTheNuts said...


Excellent news!

Jed, don't worry about lack of pre-engagement bonding time with Christi - as long as she treats Josh well, she's OK in my book.

Sheriff, as par, great first mention about the bachelor party. I vote Sheriff should be in charge of planning/coordinating said event (apologies in advance to Josh's Best Man). :) I think I'm still drunk from Sheriff's 2-day event.

Buttercup, well done, priceless. Sheriff Yoda has taught you well, and apparently you have listened and learned!

Josh, well played, sir! And, again, congrats!

christi & josh said...

Thanks guys to all who wrote I wish you all the best.

Flop I am ecstatic to hear the good news of your return to the Great State of Iowa!

We will all have to have a poker game night at your guy's place in Cedar Rapids.

Thanks again from the couple Josh and Christi.