Tuesday, May 02, 2006

He dun knocked up my sis!!!

As of last Friday, Dan and Holly announced that they are pregnant!! She is 12 weeks along and does not know the sex of the child yet. I am betting it will be a boy - we have 4 other boy grandchildren in the family.

Hol is due on November 12th (I think)!

I will be an Uncle... and now the gray hair won't seem so weird. Seeing Hol with a big belly will be though... whoa!

May the gestating begin!!!

Uncle Jed


Deit Heimley said...

May I be one of the first to congradulate all of you!!! Coming from someone who is 26 weeks in, it is a wild ride and it goes by WAY too quickly. A baby changes so much of your life, but in so many awesome ways!!!

krysta jo said...

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS. SHE will be such a cute baby!!

Jed...are you still wearing navy with black?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Egg defense system....0

Yippieee, sperm wins again. The fino blog family is growing. Congrats.


Kern said...

Big congrats to Urnotme, Hol, and Uncle Fino! What great news!

Sheriff-Best entry of the day!

Buttercup said...

way to go!! Congratulations.

Yeah so excited for you guys.

I keep hoping the sheriff will do the same. HA It will be a while.

What is with the handicapp pic??

Damfino said...

What handicap pic? I am confused.

Hol needs to start getting piggy - looking forward to that.

KJ - leave my navy and black alone - Dana said I was "continental"!

Damfino said...

oh - that handicap pic - dunno!

FlopTheNuts said...


(Sorry for the late response - been very busy the past 2 days, including being out of town yesterday.)

This is EXCELLENT news!!

Interesting that Holly and Dan just told you now. Nothing wrong with that at all (they can tell who they want, when they want), it's just that Trish and I did something similar: Trish and I told her folks, my folks, and my sister Bea and her family right after we found out (came home from the doctors' office and started making calls), but Trish said she wanted to wait until after the first trimester before we told not-so-close family, friends, and acquaintances. I told Trish today that Holly is expecting, and about the "hey, they also didn't tell folks until after the first trimester" thing, and Trish said that a lot of people do that! I guess it's mostly to do with the whole "first trimester" thing: that problems are more likely to happen in the first trimester, especially with the first child.

Anyway, one trimester down, two to go!!

And, Jed, um, the gestating began approximately 12 weeks ago. You must've not gone to the Uncle training class yet. The class is usually between the "Speedo repair" and "How not to get caught looking at females when working out" classes at the Y.

Holly, remember this is the perfect time to use the pregnancy as an excuse to eat just about anything you want! Well, maybe more as an excuse to eat *as much* as you want... :)