Thursday, April 06, 2006

Three times the fun

I think it is safe to say we are all thoroughly enjoying The Sopranos this season. Well, those of us who are watching it (which on this blog might only be one other person - shame on you all). Anyway, Big Love started up the same week as Sopranos did and kind of left me a little cold with the first few episodes. Then - POW!

I was a little frustrated with the show because it just kind of jumped into the polygamist life style without helping understand how any of these people got in it. Bill (Paxton's character) did not seem to be fully enjoying the situation and I wanted to understand how he put himself there. Sadly, the first few eps just kind of set up who we were seeing and what was happening righ then.

Episodes 3 & 4 are where things really started to click. Jeanne Tripplehorn (Bill's 1st wife) has become one of the most interesting and identifiable characters on the show. She is attempting to become a full time teacher - and also deal with being the den mother of the whole gigantic family!

Her eldest daughter (above) has finally started asking questions of how her mother allowed her dad to marry another - and amongst her friends, has started forming quite the negative opinion of polygamy! These two characters and their stories are definitely digging my interest in the show!

Yet also, with episode 4, Bill has peaked my interest by dealing with a dream and elements that find there way into his daily life. Paxton is doing a splendid job with the role and I am really excited to see where things are going with Bill and the Harry Dean Stanton character.

Big Love is definitely starting to pick up creatively! In fact, I would hold episode 4 against a Sopranos episode - well paced, hillariously ironic scenes... and fascinating twists abound! Those of you who can, should check it out. I am thrilled to see where the family moves next!

Slither tonight! Report tomorrow!



Kern said...

Jed-I'm glad you're digging the show now. For some reason, I kind of got the feeling this was going to be a bit like my favorite HBO show The Wire, in that the first third of the season is all setup, but the investment in character development really pays much more dramatic dividends down the line.

And by the way, I have to tell you I am enjoying the Sopranos so far this season. I feel it's the closest to its initial Season One glory as I've seen since it began.

No hatin' here!

Kern said...

Jed-By the way, on an unrelated musical note, I was going to tell you about a band you might like if you are still into Interpol. They're called The Editors. You might like them. They sound a hell of a lot better than that band She Wants Revenge or whatever the hell they are called.

Damfino said...

Dan digs She Wants Revenge - I am not the biggest fan.

I will tell him about the Editors.

I forgot you were watching Sopranos - bravo.

FlopTheNuts said...

So in Big Love Bill Paxton plays a character named Bill.



Kern said...

So who was the other person?

Damfino said...


Kern said...

I thought so. Yeah, one thing I'm especially liking is the slow burn pacing we have. I think it speaks to the more intelligent aspects of the show to focus more on the subtle elements of the characters internal struggles than to appease the casual viewer who only tunes in for wisecracks and bloodshed.

Those eps recently with Tony's "situation" were among the best of the series in my opinion.