Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Post Is Lame Without Pictures

Hello all. In a vain attempt to wake up the sleeping giant that is the Damfinoblog, I wanted to let you all know that in the mail yesterday, I received my very own Bunny Out shirt(not shart), which features the picture of Sheriff Officer Greg The Bunny complete with the new The Winnah sash for winning the pull quote contest the other day. It looks awesome, and I will post a picture of yours truly wearing the shirt as soon as the batteries for my camera charge properly.

And please come by and check out my blog if you have a free minute or two. I've been posting again!


PS-I miss Jed's presence here at the Damfinoblog. It just feels so empty without him, and...whoa, I think there's leftover cheesecake in the lunchroom. Adios...

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