Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Real Paul Anka - No, the Dog Paul Anka!

I think it is safe to say that none of us are going to be very pleased with the end of this season of Gilmore Girls. We will, of course, laugh at the quips, guffaw at Kirk and his antics and giggle as Lor rambles on about some ironic subject that no one in their right minds would linger on. But no matter what, there will not be a happy Luke and Lorelai - nor will Logan and Rory figure things out. It is going to be ugly.

It seems to me perhaps the bitterness of the creators is infecting the story telling. Last year was really the first time where the series seemed to stand up and declare that they had a dramatic plan - pushing Rory over to the dark side. And this year we have watched the girls go from dramatic moment to dramatic moment - keeping those viewers coming back to see where the story is going. That is not really why I watch the series.

As of right now, it is still not official of Amy and Daniel will be returning for the 7th season. The cast is secure - the show is safe - but the creators might not be on board. Who knows what that might mean for the show... right now, the creators could use a little kick in the butt to get them off this depressing ride we are on! The April mess is going nowhere - Lor is still idling by as Luke drifts away (all in my @ss!!!) - Logan is off to get hurt on some trip (der - can we be a little more obvious!) - and Rory (and the show) just destroyed any value found in having Jess linger in her or anyone's mind. She used him - just like Dean - and then announced that she loved Logan in front of him... that was completely awful! What a selfish prat young Rory has become!

Maybe some new drivers might steer this strong series back onto the road of happiness and we can all drift soundly back to sleep in our Stars Hallow dream world!

The DVR screwed us last night!!! Actually, I messed up! Veronica Mars switched nights on us and Scrubs was bumped from the recording list. So around 8:11ish, we all began to panic, frantically trying to get the remainder of the show recorded.

Actually, Devin hopped on iTunes looking to download the ep but it was not posted - even this morning it was not up! Ho-Hum... waiting and paitience have never been a strong trait for me!

What I saw of the ep was pretty good - Tom Cavanaugh is always a nice addition to the show. I look forward to (hopefully) watching it over lunch.

Got me an amazing 3 hours of sleep last night - feel like I have survived an attack of the brain bug of Planet P from Starship Troopers... "IT'S AFRAID!!!"

Hee hee!



Damfino said...

Oh - and the ending where Lor pours coffee on Lane's dress!??!?

That just did not sit well with me!

Kern said...

Jed-Hear hear on your concerns for the show. It's lately become a muddied mess of half baked threads and manipulative pathos. They can do better, and we, the loyal GG viewer deserve better. Gone it seems are the generally wacky story lines, and in their place they have substituted a night time soap in its place. If I wanted that, I would go back and watch reruns of Dallas.

One thing I most strongly agree with you on is how much they've gone out of their way to make Rory a bit edgier. I think in certain respects that happened when they made her the other woman in Dean's affair, but they could have easily recovered from that. And what she did to Jess last night? Man, it's like he's finally become a decent stand up guy and she totally tries to use him. And last week, totally disobeying orders not to go to Anna's store. Seriously, who is this girl, and what have they done with sweet, snappy Rory? Next thing you know she's going to going to become some sexy vamp who seduces half of Stars Hollow. Maybe that will be the next mean spirited uncharacteristic Rory move. She'll boff Luke on the counter of the diner, after a long diatribe about pancakes or something.

I hope they get their shit together, that's all I can say.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

The sheriff was running errands last night during GG that is how uninspired the show has become. Buttercup gave the summary to me while I was showering this am and it sounded like I didn't miss much. When did Rory turn into a selfish gunch?


Kern said...

I think it was when she diddled Dean after he'd been married. Get Rory the Scarlet A.

For A-Hole.

krysta jo said...

You all are so harsh on Rory and have put her on a pedestal that she is the chosen one and perfect and wonderful. Girls her age often go through (and do) the exact same stuff she is doing. You men just can't handle the truth because you believe that she is perfect. Lay off the girl a little. Geez.

Kern said...

I think the only reason we thought she was perfect was because she was written that way. If she had exhibited more foibles and misinformed choices that ring true of inexperienced youth throughout the early years of the show, I don't think we'd find the sudden shift in character so unbelievable.

I think it's less about the fact that she's being a brat than the fact that rather than maturing, Tory has actually regressed in a way that seems untrue to the character.

Kern said...

Of course I meant Rory.I was up until almost three again. My faculties are shot.

Damfino said...

Making mistakes and making unsavory choices is one thing - doing it without any acknowledgement from anyone, without any repentence, without and repercussions or affect on the character... that is just blantantly bad writing.

I am not sure if Amy knows how bad Rory looks - I am not sure she can see how horrible Rory is for;

1.Dumping Dean and then heading out with the boys for a night of fun
2. Breaking up Dean's marriage
3. Leading both Dean and Jess on
4. Cheating on Logan by kissing Jess (yes, that is cheating!)
5. Using her Grandparents
6. Walking all over her mother's wishes
7. Using her power to torture and belittle Logan
8. Using Marty to make herself feel wanted while Logan did not reciprocate

Those are all out of order.. but often it seems Amy does not sense what she is doing with the character.

Luke is all screwed up... Lor is off - it just seems like our characters have been through the soap opera wringer.

Like J.D. said "I am so mad at Lorelai I can't even speak!"

Kern said...

I must say that I totally buy Jed's assertion.

Good catch on the Marty thing, as well. The way the poor kid got worked over when they went to that expensive Chinese restaurant. Ouch!

FlopTheNuts said...

Interesting way of describing how you fell after your 'only 3 hours of sleep' night, Damfino. Ah, yes, Doogie Howser as the geeky high schooler turned Colonel in Starship Troopers.

Sheriff: "Buttercup gave the summary to me while I was showering this am ... " So that's the new term for a beej? (In this case, a morning beej.) "Yeah, the wife 'gave the summary to me' over lunch." Giggidy-giggidy, oh!