Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"I hope it's not a twozie"

This will mark the second week in a row that I will miss the official airing of Scrubs and be forced to watch it at a later time. D@MNIT!

I am working late tonight (auditions - fun fun!!) and have been working my lazy tail off lately - and things don't look any better for the future. So, with my schedule in mind (I leave for Vegas on Friday - don't look for pics cuz I won't be posting any... insert clich'd line here) I was hoping everyone would post for themselves for the upcoming months. I might still drop in for a stupid little addition - but I am tossing things out to the crew. Write as much as you wish.

Latta playas!

(notice Gilmore was not mentioned - for shame!!!)



FlopTheNuts said...

Yeah, I've been busy the past couple of weeks and there is no sign of it getting less busy any time soon. Guess that's good though: job security!

I was wondering where the Damfino posts were!

Damfino, whachu headin' to 'Vegas for, you lucky skank?!?!

Damfino said...

I am in Vegas for an entire week - sadly I will be working. Going to a trade show and also some courses that are being offered.

Will get to see a ton of new Mac stuff though!!

And maybe eat some lobster!!!

(no that is not code for anything)

FlopTheNuts said...

Damn, a whole week?!?!!! You won't be working the *whole* time, you know. You gotta play some Hold 'Em while you're out there! For me if for nothing else!! :)

*Rhetorical mode on:*
Why do they have to host those trade shows and courses in places like Vegas, Florida, etc.? How the heck do they expect course attendees to concentrate? I think my head would explode or I'd have a heart attack (or both) if I had to sit in a class ANY part of any day if I were in Vegas! It's a different story with trade shows, though. Well, depending on the trade show. (Say E3 vs. the Hoover annual trade show, for example.)
*Rhetorical mode off.*

Dude, are you going to E3?!?!!!! Oh, you better say no, 'cuz if you are, I'm going to have to lock you up in a dog kennel and take your place!

Get your hands on plenty of SWAG and maybe a free Mac or two to give out as prizes for the next poker tourney. :)

Have a good time! Remember, there are people (OK, me) living vicariously through you!

Kern said...

I am also living vicariously through Jed.

Have a safe trip, my man. We'll keep the home fires burning. Much like my loins.

Kern said...

So is the Sheriff going to step up and fill some of the void?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I may add a post or two to the damfiltho blog.


ps: Kern, never too early to start the Kern Returns tag line juices flowing. Think about it.....

Kern said...

Sheriff, oh yeah. That reminds me, probably sometime next week I am going to put up the new flyer and we'll have another contest for prizes. Yessir, it's going to be awe inspiring.

Can't wait to see what you glorious bastards come up with this time!