Friday, March 03, 2006

The Tentative Flyer!

This is most likely not going to be the final flyer art, but the Sheriff asked me yesterday if I would post the date and whatnot on the Damfinoblog so that people knew approximately when Kern Returns '06 is going to be. So here is the preliminary flyer with what I think the date should be.

I am going to be buying my plane ticket in a couple of weeks or so. The plan so far is to come in on a Thursday and stay through Monday or Tuesday. So in addition to the big Kern Returns bash on Friday the 23rd, there will likely be other wild and debauched activities going on, so I hope some of you will join in for that as well.

If anyone has any questions or anything, please let me know. As more of the fine details come into focus, I'll definitely be sending out another (more complete) flyer as we approach Zero Hour.

That's all I have. Go forth and be filthy!


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


"Uhh, my Grand Slam was suposed to be sausage."

"Hey, it's Loose Lois!"


Kern said...

The end of the week is so hard for me because I have used so much filth already. Especially with all this existential poop joke stuff.


Where is everyone? I just got hit in the face with a tumbleweed...

Damfino said...

We need more images on that poster... you took pics from last years bash - right? Integrate some!

BTW - are you sure that was tumbleweed hitting you in the face?

FlopTheNuts said...

So ... hard ... to ... plan ... that ... far ... ahead. Must ... keep ... date ... fresh ... in ... mind. Must ... dismiss ... any ... other ... plans ... wife ... brings ... up.


" .. and J. Geils Band."

Damfino said...

So - are you in the middle of a twozie while writing or what?

Kern said...

Fino-Well, we established yesterday that your testes had been absconded with so that rules that out. Twozie. Heh heh.

As far as the poster, I haven't finished, but I am not sure this is going to be the final one. I'm trying(with pathetic success rate) to do a Clockwork Orange themed one. I'm going to see my sister in a couple of weeks and I think she'll be able to take some pics of me in my Alex costume(my fencing jacket and hat, which is a fedora rather than a bowler. I know it's inaccurate, but you work with what you've got)which I then can use. It's too hard to do correct posing when trying to take pics of oneself.

And I have to put the address and stuff on there. But yes, I can send you a blank one of the finished copy so that you can filth them up as you did last year.

Kern said...

Flop-Use a dry erase board. As they said on Gilmores the other day, "Save The Date"!

Kern said...

Oh, and in case you missed it, I made a poop joke about nihilism yesterday that I really thought was funny. Even my older sister who thinks my humor goes way over her head normally liked it.

Ok, ok! Here it is:

Q: What did the the Nihilist say after taking a crap?

A: Nothing. Everyone knows nihilists don't believe in shit.

Damfino said...

Kern - props for absconded... my word of the day now.

Taking props away for repeating your own joke. Lame.

May return props to you if you can match the Muslim/Buddhist/Exhistentialist joke that Deit told - left me in stitches.

Kern said...

It wasn't lame, I just wasn't sure if Flop had heard it yet. I am willfully taking back my deserved props.

I think it's pretty difficult to get too much more mileage out of the philosophy/poop combo. Frankly, I laud everyone involved for coming up with as many as we did.

Although my friend Neal had a great idea, though. He thought that we should replace the term bowel movement with the names of various philosopher's. His example was, "Man, I've gotta take a wicked Heidegger!"

Come to think of it, let me see if I can match Deit's contribution. I may have one last hail mary in my filthy sack of tricks.

Yes, that was intentional wording.

FlopTheNuts said...

Or maybe I should dust off the old Palm and get it in working shape again? *Grumble...*

Liking the Nihilist crap joke! Also catching up on the "I Can Do Lowbrow Too!" post - great start w/ the "Shartre" joke!

I gotta go twozie then go to lunch. "Ah, made lots of room."

Deit Heimley said...

Wait! You cannot plan THAT far in advance??? Who are you Flop?? I have plans out some years in advance. OK. Maybe not years, but several months. But then, I live my life on a planner. If someone were ever to detroy my planner, my life as I now know it would end!!!

Oh, but I did want to point out that Kern Returns is the same weekend as the Arts Festival. I beleive Jed will be paritally busy that weekend. I don't currently have plans that Friday, but I do that Saturday.

FlopTheNuts said...

Dude, I can't even plan what car I'll drive in the morning (with our Altima being the only car in the garage)! :)

*Shameless self promotion on*
Check out my comment on Kern's "I Can Do Lowbrow Too! ... " post.
*Shameless self promotion off*

Kern said...

Yeah, the party will be on Friday night so that the out of towners don't have to go home hungover on Sunday. That would suck.

Part of the reason I tried for this particular weekend is that an dear old friend of ours(Jed and me)is going to be in town that weekend with the possibility of popping around Saturday night. It was such a long shot that she would be in town anywhere near the time I would that I had to go for it. I'm gonna check on Flop's comment.

Kern said...

Excellent job, Flop. See, Jed, it wasn't me repeating my joke if Flop hadn't heard the thing yet!

I want my props back!

Damfino said...

That's just insane clown logic - no props for you.

Kern said...

Alright, buddy. You just wait until I release the mother of philosopher/poop gags. Nay, it is of such magnitude, release is not the proper term. That should read UNLEASH!

You and your children's children will be giving me props, by God!

FlopTheNuts said...

Why, thank you, Kern!