Friday, March 31, 2006

Screw Kreitner...

Hey kids - Kreitner took the crown over at the Kern blog. Frankly, it all makes me sick. Posted is his new pic... ugh.

The weekend is upon us and Cara is heading off to Chicago to do some running in an 8k on Sunday. 8k is 5 miles to us less than in shape folks! She won't be back until Monday night (YIKES!!!) so I will be fending for myself this weekend.

The boys are planning on seeing Slither - Nathan Fillion in a semi-lead role, so we can't resist.

I am reading this book right now, "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire. Things have started off very odd. We pick things up as the four compadres (Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow - bludgeon yourself if you have no idea what I am talking about) head through the dark forest. The wicked witch o' west is hanging out listening as they talk about her... and for some reason the Tin Man is very homosexually cleaning the Lion and announcing that the witch was born a hermaphrodite! What the hell!??!

Weird - but kind of cool - I will keep you posted.

Of course I am still ga-ga for Sopranos. This year is top sh*t! I am really looking forward to Sunday!!

Finally, last night Devin and I watched King Kong... and I think was a little too nice to the film the first time around. There are some major major flaws with 50% of the picture. Granted, the other 50% is magnificent... but a talent like Peter Jackson should have been able to see the mistakes he was making... or someone around him should have had the cahunas to say "What the f*ck are you doing?!?!"

I don't think I will ever be watching that film again... actually though, Devin and I had a ball mocking it! Jamie Bell's character definitely took a beating from us... and we discovered that Jack Black and Colin Hanks had a special moment between each other in the end of the film... it was uncomfortable!

Anyway - I am out early today. Catch y'all on Monday.



Ain't Right said...

On the subject of Kong, I completely agree with Jed I think it was a really good hour and a half movie, unfortunately in editing it was mixed with an hour and a half of completely useless footage. Like the interaction between the token black guy and the young kid(Jamie Bell) it was ridiculous and had no real effect on the movie. There were also several scenes where Peter Jackson clearly wanted his CGI friends to have more work to do. Like the scene where useless guy #3 and #4 were crushed by a stampede of dinosaurs, that whole scene was horrible. I can see the reason to want it in the film, they wanted to show that the island was dangerous and full of dangerous creatures but the scene needed to be about 10 minutes shorter and a little bit more believable(watch for the guy body surfing on the top of the creatures as they stumble over each other). All in all I think I'm glad I saw it but I will be glad to never see it again.

P.S. Naomi Watts is hot.

Damfino said...

The ending is so amazing though. I am glad he took his time there - all the NY stuff at the end was perfect.

No Dev - that was Useless Guy #3 and #2 - #4 was snapped up by the insect thing in the wall!

Most ridiculous shot was Jamie Bell running on rocks that were falling - you could practically see the harness he was being held from... and his feet not touching a bloody thing!!!

Ain't Right said...

I thought that was useless guy #6. I'm probably wrong. I know token oriental guy died on the way down to the pit with the insects but that was due to Kong's racist motives.

Another great failure of a scene was young kid shooting the insects off of Adrien Brody with a wildly uncontrolled machine gun while never hitting either him or any of the other 15 people all around. Luckily the ship had a crew of 10,000 so they were never at a loss for willing cannon fodder.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I agree Kreitner needs to be screwed several times....because he has been naughty!


ps: "I won a major award! must be Italian"

Damfino said...

Devin - you might not be making anyone else laugh - but I am friggin dying with RACIST KONG!!!!

Kern said...

Devin-I am also laughing at the Kong discourse between you and Jed. I like your sense of humor and I hope that you'll participate in The Kern Returns Tagline Contest coming up in the next couple of months.

I have a feeling Jed will excel at that particular competition, as there are still those who still giggle like schoolgirls over the line, "Kern: The Original Sperm Dumpster".

FlopTheNuts said...

Oh, Gawd! Loving the Kong banter. Racist Kong and Useless guy #X = ouch, sides hurting again, already punished from reading pull quotes.

"How could you win a bowling alley?" "Well they'd send the deed!"

" ... Electric sex in the window ... "

Ain't Right said...

I'm glad I could brighten a few people's Friday morning. As far as the Kern Returns tagline contest, we'll have to see, sometimes inspiration hits me and other times I'm convinced my Muse is responsible for most primetime TV.