Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gilmore goes hand-held?!?!?!

With the gigantic exception of what they are doing to Luke's character, last night's Gilmore was perfection. Even though Luke is being royaly screwed with this ridiculous child sub-plot, everyone else is spot on with their characters (Kirk - "What is she doing with that book?").

In fact, the end of the episode was a major leap towards a new world for the show. The simple act of taking the camera off of the tri-pod/steadicam totally rocked the house!

I loved seeing the emotions blow out with the Gilmores in their montage of fights and revelations. Each piece made me laugh all the more and really connected me once again to all of the characters that I know and love so much.

The very last line was underwhelming - I expected something along the lines of "that was better than sex!!"



Kern said...

Right on. For some reason, the last part with the blow out seemed kind of Woody Allen-esque to me. I'm not quite sure what film I would attribute that to, but it just had that vibe.

This kid thing is the worst, but I was glad to see the rest of the show return to some sense of normalcy. Well, as normal as GG ever is I guess.

Damfino said...

Allen - hmmm. Slamming scenes together that are emotinally charged and then humourous?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

The Kreitner's watch Gilmore together or not at all. We will have to catch this ep on the DVD set.

I saw mere seconds of the ep. Didn't seem right without Buttercup next to me.


Kern said...

Fino-I think that was a huge part of it, for sure. Actually come to think of it, I know now who it reminded me a little more of. The camera stuff reminded me quite a bit of Wes Anderson, but ESPECIALLY of Noah Baumbach's very verite camerawork in The Squid and The Whale(which I know you haven't seen) but trust me on this. You need to see that movie!!!

Kern said...

By the way, I am not sure if you have seen the Kernblog today, but I reworked the article I took down the other day, and put up a humorous poll. Your comments would be valued.

I think you'll especially find some interest in the first part of the reworked article about the nexus of commercialism and underground art. I probably could have done better in retrospect.

Damfino said...

Hitler said that alot too.

Damfino said...

I don't know what I am saying... that's not funny.


Kern said...

That's true.

I'm currently trying to figure out a way to increase readership. It seems that even though it has increased it's starting to plateau again. I need to kick it in the ass again. Perhaps some advertising...