Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You can't take the sky from me.

Well, Serenity was bought. And it was enjoyed, at least by me. Wendy was not quite as thrilled as I, but I really didn't think she would be. I also promised Jed that if I talked about Serenity I would express his disappointment in the DVD cover art. He hates it. I don't especially like it, I would have preferred to see the whole crew on the cover or at least something representative of the movie contained within but I guess they decided to go a different route.

As penance for making her sit through Serenity we watched Wendy's new purchase, Must Love Dogs. Yup, it's definitely a chick flick. With that being said, it wasn't bad. It might not be very manly of me but sometimes curling up on the couch with a pretty girl, a fire crackling in the fireplace, and watching a romantic comedy isn't a bad way to spend an evening. Of course since I'm not currently, nor have I hardly ever been, part of a couple, romantic comedies generally leave me feeling, well, lonely. That was pretty much the case here, no curling was had, but the movie had some funny jokes, and one cruel one about an engineer with a sexual dysfunction (probably involuntary abstinence). All in all if a pretty girl wanted me to call in sick and spend some time on the couch watching it I probably would, but, at least this time, it left me a little more disappointed with my life than before. On the plus side, at least I got to play with fire.


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

You are performing well Devin comming of the bench for our dearly departed Jed. Keep up the quality stuff.

1. Fire good.

2. Ass kicking hot chicks in little outfits...good.

3. The joke about the "free meat" priceless. (Haven't actually seen the Dogs flick but did enjoy the trailer.

bunny out

Kern said...

Hear hear, Devin!

I think your Leno to Jed's Carson is fantastic.

I haven't seen Serenity yet, but I would like to throw in my two cents about the cover art. I think it's pants, honestly. It's amazing what kind of DVD cover art can be acheived when they teach a chimpanzee how to use Photoshop Elements.

Too bad they got someone with a lesser sense of artistic cohesiveness and flow to do Serenity's packaging.

Ain't Right said...

Thank you, Thank you.

Greg - The free meat joke was a good one. There's also a reference in the movie to boob shirts.

Alex - Great observation on the cover art. Maybe the chimps were charging too much.

onecrazylady said...

No mention of how great John Cusack looked?? I will, he looked great.

Ain't Right said...

I don't know about his looks, but I thought his character reminded me a little of his character from Gross Pointe Blank.

Kern said...

John Cusack will always and forever be Lane Myer from Better Off Dead to me.

"Gee Ricky, I'm really sorry your mom blew up..."

Ain't Right said...

A classic Cusack movie. Of course the car guy in me just remembers the Camaro. Then the girl working on the Camaro.

Kern said...

Ah yes, Monique and the Camaro.

I love the part where his dad is giving him hell about the car.

"You bought that car because your girlfriend Beth said it was and I quote, 'tasty'? And ever since then, that 'tasty' car has been darkening my driveway"

onecrazylady said...

Maybe looked great wasn't the best choice of words. He had a great character to play. He definitely looks better in his other movies.

onecrazylady said...

I want my two dollars.

Kern said...

"That Ricky, he is always, how you say, trying to put his testicles all over me."

"Oh ho ho. Tentacles."


"It's tentacles. N-T. Big difference."

Man, I could quote Better Off Dead all day long...

Kern said...

OneCrazyLady-YES!! That's the best line in the film.

onecrazylady said...

I agree. With the paper boy skying down the hill.

Kern said...

Exactly. He has like one ski across both of his bike tires!

I also love their Christmas where the mom gives everyone TV Dinners because she can't cook.

And my other favorite is how the little brother buys everything mail order, and he gets a book on how to pick up trashy women, then Lane Meyer goes into his room and his little brother's wearing a smoking jacket surrounded by a bunch of slutty looking gals.

Good stuff.

onecrazylady said...

Kern, those were great also. That just reminds me that I need to watch it again. I haven't seen it in awhile.

Kern said...

God, I should totally buy that film. All of my quotes just now were completely from my warped little memory. That movie just really stuck.

"This town's so small we can't even get any decent drugs here."

"It's snow! Pure snow!"


"Tell us Lane, how did you acheive such a victory?"

"Language Lessons."


Kern said...

"It's a shame the way people be throwing away a perfectly good white boy like that!"