Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why am I not going under the water!?!?!?!?

Damnit! It is just not fair. Why do the best shows always get cut down!?!? Last night Arrested Development returned, playing later than usual for us because there was a basketball game on!!

Anyway, I am not sure I can remember laughing so hard in recent memory! I was in the middle of a pause for the "Being There" moment that they had worked into the show, when all of the sudden Tobias' hair went afflame...

Holy Mother of God did we laugh... we flipped the DVR back a bit just to watch the end again... it was a killer.

Bravo AD crew - you will go out on top!!

And then you have the other side of the world; tonight we will be viewing Dukes of Hazzard - a pretty much unfunny film dripping with Jessica Simpson sewage. We will be watching to see all of the car driving and stunts again.

They were cool.



Buttercup said...

oh you did not think that it was that bad when we saw it in the theater. Besides you loved the Jessica Simpson moments. Get back to the level you are at, along with me, We are the levels with the Pop whore's of the world.

Damfino said...

I am definitely not denying my pop whore status... but there are times when I wish Lindsey Lohan would write something with a little more emotion.

Wait! Her new album is called "A Little More Personal!!!" YEAH!!!

Dukes could have been better... and it was really not very funny.

BC - how is the christmas deco going?

krysta jo said...

I thought it was mildly amusing because Jessica Simpson (who IS southern) had the worst fake southern accent I have ever heard. Oh and the end when they showed all the cars they wrecked.

I think that if this graduate degree doesn't get me some bling, I might go to Hollywood and wreck cars for a living.

Damfino said...

I think if you go to Hollywood with a graduate degree you usually become a caterer.

Kern said...

That sounds like a sweet gig to me. I am a terrible driver, so it would be a natural fit.

Did anyone else find the part where George Michael had to fast forward through his Star Wars Kid routine to get to Charlize Theron eating the plastic fruit as amusing as I did?

Damfino said...

"We gotta get a new tape!"

Buttercup said...

Oh my gosh I forgot about that completely oh kern thank you for the laugh.

House interior is decorated however he have not ventured outside to put up the lights. I think we are going to try and do it this weekend. That is if we can find where we put the lights???

KJ I agree with the southern accent. Mocking things are the best and generally keep me entertained. This was a gooden for that.

Kern said...

"But she was in the Olympics! Huh, I just got that..."

Kern said...

"Yeah, she really liked the grapes..."

Kern said...

And my favorite...Bumpaddle Magazine!

FlopTheNuts said...

Speaking of cars, I'm in good ole' Cadillac, MI today.


Sorry, just been a while since I've posted and wanted to post *something*.

I feel like a ndlmz now... :)

Not only can I not stand her hideous "singing", but Ms. Simpson is *so* damn DUMB! Sorry, but - and all the males who will read this know this - the looks only go so far. I need to be stimulated mentally once in a while. (Yes, I need penile stimulation MUCH more than menatal stim, but not THAT much! :) )

Giggity-giggity! Oh!

Kern said...

Flop! How's it going?

I agree. Jessica Simpson may be attractive, but when someone is so dumb that you become less intelligent by osmosis, there is a major problem.

I laughed pretty hard at AD last night, but not quite as hard as the one with the rocketpack and the Japanese investors with Tinytown. That was one of my favorites!

Damfino said...

I'm gonna get you the best call girl magic can buy!

I just want you to stand and watch.

OH - I'll do more than stand and watch!!!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Tobias in the "dolly" pure gold!!!


Kern said...

Right on Sheriff.

I also loved how he and Michael were talking about the differences is English and American terms.

"Kind of how in England up and down box is an elevator"

Tobias: "Of course, of course. Just like 'poofter' means 'tourist'!"

FlopTheNuts said...

Exactly, Kern (about the "get dumber by osmosis" comment)! She's a walking, breathing mental-muscle atrophier!

I think she suffers from smenita.

Kern said...

I hear that affliction is painless, yet annoying to others. She probably has it.