Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sari - more slideshows

Day two of our cruise was equally stunning to day one. We had taken a look at the excursions the night before at dinner - finally we agreed upon one that would take us on a hike through the jungle to a water fall called Sari Sari Falls. We had no idea what we were getting into!

As Dan stated - we should have known when 19 of 3200 people signed up for the trip that this was not going to be an easy day.

After an exciting bus ride up the mountains of Dominica, we found ourselves hiking through a banana field. This was all fine and dandy, if not a little warm for us... then we started going downhill. Steep dropoffs... very slick rocks... and a muddy path, led us to the river at the bottom. Here we waded carefully through and attempted not to shatter our bones on the slippery boulders!! (Poor Rhonda took a bit of a tumble but was a definite trooper about it!)

After a brutal hike, we finally reached the falls... and they were breathtaking!!! I struggled to contain my excitement as we rushed to jump into the beautiful cool waters. I swam out to the falling water - and it took all of my strength not to drown under them. It was unbelievable!!!

This journey is one experience that I will not soon forget... and I am sad to admit that it might be a while before I get a chance to do something like that again. I thank my lucky stars for falling into this excursion.

Check out some images.

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P.S. None of the picutres do any justice to this place.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...




Kern said...

Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until I get to a computer to view these images, but the descriptions were great. I can't wait to see the actual visual accompaniment.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Whatcha gonna do with all that ass, all that ass up in them jeans!!!

Booty Fabulous!


ps: And yes I listen to more than Francis Albert Sinatra. It also helps that Buttercup is a pop whore/itunes lover.

Damfino said...

I did not have the gumption to go with My Humps for the music. Took the high road with Sam Cooke.

Kern said...

Awesome choice. He rocks.

My God. I don't really get the appeal of the song unless it's for a)satirical reasons or b)the guiltiest, darkest pleasure of 2005.

By the way, was anyone else amused by those pictures of Fergie wetting her pants on stage during a show? Wow. Not quite as impressive as the girl on Next doing it, but still funny.

Damfino said...

Um... what are you talking about? I missed something.

Kern said...

Fino-There was a picture circulating the internets with her onstage and she had a big wet patch on the front of her pants. I think it's safe to say that she wasn't turned on nor was she perspiring profusely.

Or to put it another way: The girl pissed her pants on stage.

When asked how she felt about it, she was silent for a moment before replying, "Depends..."

Ok I made the last part up. But the pissing was totally true.

Kern said...

Fergie being the girl in the Black Eyed Peas.

krysta jo said...

No go on the slide show jed-y. Ahhh poo.

Still in Minnesota...thesisizing and doing a little work and watching a lot of mindless afternoon television. Back next Monday.

Damfino said...

Kern - this convo is filthy.. I am staying out!

KJ - dang it... sorry. I will see if I can encode it into windows.

Kern said...

Hi KJ. Mindless afternoon TV can be great fun! What have you been watching?

And where is Deit these days? I think there are a few articles on my blog that he'd have some awesome comments for...

Kern said...

Jed-Filthy? Filthy? What has happened to you? I remember when the very foundations of Damfinoblog were built upon filthy ground. Such as the time Sheriff started the filthy term contest. And I believe you won with the stunning "gunch".

Embrace the filth, Jed. It still loves you.

krysta jo said...

Loads of TLC programs...I have so far had the opportunity to buy a language education program, computer education CDS, bad music CDs, cleaning supplies, and all other sorts of junk that are sold during mid-day television. It's loads of fun.

Kern said...

I wonder if they're still hawking Zamfir records during the day. They just don't sell enought records with pan flute anymore. On 8 track.

Kern said...

I meant enough records.

Not sure what enought is.