Friday, December 30, 2005

The Life Aquatic with Dan and Jed

This is our final stop for images from the trip. I know all of you were really wanting the entire experience... but such is life.

Somehow, I convinced Dan to do a scuba diving excursion with me in Aruba! We ran off on our own (which did not happen much on the trip) and faced our fears of life in the big deep. It was a beginners dive, with an hours worth of teaching and learning. We started off in a hotel pool (which little children swimming around us looking on in interest)!

The equipment weighed a ton... getting used to it was ok... but once we got down on the ocean floor... wow! I am addicted! We only dropped 25 ft and I really wanted to break away from the group and see some stuff by myself. Maybe next time.

The rest of the day is relaxing at the beach (yes, more shots of Dan with his shirt off for you creepy folks!!) and that evening we went out to eat at Carlos and Charlies. The story there is Lynds caught eye of a very large creepy roach... and the girls proceeded to completely freak out!

Good beer though.

BTW - I have added windows versions of each show for those who need... Kern... looking your way!


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Kern said...

Jed-Thanks for posting those with the QT deprived in mind. Gotta love the towel pals.

Looks like you had a fun time on yr travels. We're quite glad to have you back to administer your special brand of Damfinobloginess if I could coin a phrase.

Damfino said...

Kern - didja know Bobby gets married this weekend?

New Years Eve - 6 pm... Jody and Bob marry in Grimes.. then on to Hyperion to party til the ball drops.


Kern said...

I was going to ask about that. I remembered, and I wanted to ask where they're registered or at least where I could send a monetary gift as that's what Bob said that he'd probably value more than anything else. Do you know?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Cd's or the ability to download the Fino Triligy are a must for the Kreitner's. Make is so #1.

Also for all you Serenity/Firefly fans out there the Sheriff not only took in the feature film last evening, but he also followed that up with all the extras and an encore viewing w/director's commentary. Have now placed the entire Firefly run on the netflix Q. Enjoyed the film without prior knowledge. Need to flesh out the rest with a full review of the series.

good stuff...

bunny out

Kern said...

Sheriff-I've been meaning to do that. I kind of thought I would do it in the reverse order, though. Show first, and all. Speaking of which, Slick has Firefly box set advertised as being only 22 bucks right now. May snatch that up...

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I thought about that too....but it was like watching the last 3 star wars before the first three...

Now I get to enjoy the start of the saga..."Firefly".

granted it will be a tv show and wil not have the production value of the film.


Damfino said...

Bravo on entering the Joss Whedon world Kreitner!

Things get hairy here.

Serenity was pretty good... probably one too many "TV'ish" moments for me... but hey, nothing cracks me up like some Whedon crackling dialogue!

"Attention all passengers we might experience a bit of turbulance and then crash!"

"But I don't wanna crash!"

"We crashing again capn?"

"Talk to your hubby!"

Kern said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Serenity to be sure. Whedon's awesome, and as I've said before, has made the X-Men who I generally viewed with a lot of disinterest or in worst case scenarios, full blown annoyance(see the late 90's where all the books crossed over with each other. Ick)a really excellent read.

Can't wait to see what our man does with Wonder Woman!